1. I can only shake my head in near disbelief....

  2. But he doesn't have peace in his heart and mind. Imagine being that powerful and at the same time you can't sleep because you're worried someone close to you will kill you at any time like it happened to countless other Russian czars.

  3. Translation taken from same vid post elsewhere on reddit:

  4. Translating for us, I cant thank you enough, really makes a difference. Thank you!

  5. I'd rather NOT pay on the first date or even after that... I dont want to feel like I owe them anything...

  6. Who knows, maybe they’ll all go home and end this stupid war before these tanks reach the battlefield. Then Ukraine gets to play with their new toys, without the risk!

  7. I think he is just dirty. If he was really that color he wouldn't be standing.

  8. Its facinating to see people in their youth.

  9. So Turkey is in breach of the contract? And they expect the other side to fulfill their duties and obligations under that same contract now? Lol wut.

  10. Scraping people off the floors of the gas chambers was no less gut wrenching...

  11. Why do I feel its only going into one guy's pocket???

  12. Like the wall... and Putin will pay for it naturally

  13. Ugh, the MISERY this war conjours. For everyone. Such a waste of life. Such destruction, upheaval and suffering FOR WHAT???

  14. I skip showers sometimes on my days off. Who am I trying to impress, my lamp?

  15. I dont either. If I have 2 consecutive days off I go out the the barn to ride my horse and get dirty af. He doesn't care.

  16. Imagine STANDING forever while being applied...

  17. imagine being itchy and having to suffer through that for hours

  18. Finally its being said, even in this context... its being said on their Media...

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