1. I’m always amazed as the late Stephen Webb said that “mocking Mormonism is one of the last frontiers of verbal lawlessness to be untouched by the vigilante powers of political correctness.”

  2. It wasn't mocking at all. In fact the Mormons put an ad in the Playbill.

  3. I actually have a guest count list but not sales. The last 4 Thursdays - 341 guests, 302 guests, 291 guests, 325 guests, and tonight? Shocked me, too- 302 guests again. Incredibly consistent, in my opinion. A 40 guest bump I assume from holiday/ kids or college students being out of town that first week and then a narrow margin after that.

  4. When you complain you need to be very specific and take emotion out of it. Otherwise, it is too easy to dismiss your probably valid complaints.

  5. Are you saying either men or people of Asian descent are known for filing frivolous lawsuits? You sound sexist and/or racist, bro.

  6. Everyone is known for filing frivolous lawsuits dilbert dippy. Way to try and bring race into something that is not about race; you look like a fool.

  7. I have a question. So lets say you get some hens to lay eggs - great idea and much better than store bought. What are you going to do when they can't lay eggs anymore? When I was on the farm we butchered those chickens and made soup and stew with them since they were old and truly free range.

  8. Good question. My husband and I have discussed this and we would cull half the old ones, dispatch, process, and eat, and leave half the old ones for another year to teach the new replacement poulets important chicken things! Then dispatch those the next year. We think there is value in keeping some older hens around.

  9. Excellent! You have this down pat and great idea to keep the older ones around for a bit.

  10. This is beyond bullshit. They are treating you like a fucking slave...actually worse than a slave. They don't have to pay for housing or food.

  11. There is only one way to find out. Go to the trial with everything you got and be honest and upfront in the interview.

  12. Higher up in the thread it was mentioned that that totally number isn’t just for the volvos but for a bunch of things that were shipped all at once, including heavy machinery. The article was poorly written or researched.

  13. Not too many - Australia has it in their constitution that business must pay a living wage and if they are unable, they do not need to exist.

  14. Middle class used to mean owning your home and living comfortably, but not extravagant. i.e. might not afford vacations to the French Rivera but can easily afford a vacation at the shore.

  15. I honestly fear for Boomers as they start entering nursing homes. They're going to be cared for by young people who can't even afford rent with their pay and who grew up being insulted by Boomers their entire lives.

  16. I will never go to a nursing home. Even the good ones smell like piss and are warehouses where people go to die.

  17. Good old Delaware - the refineries up north and the tons of chicken shit in the south.

  18. I guarantee you they got someone flipped in that organization and had good evidence, wire, phone taps perhaps, email or social media documentation to arrest them all, As it sits they violated a traffic law about safety.

  19. I won't say it, but many people are saying that the Patriot Front guys were having sex with each other in the back of the Uhaul. Many people are saying this, it's what I'm hearing.

  20. You gotta give the cameraman props for actually helping the situation and not just filming

  21. And he was smart to get in front of it so he can go when he is done with the cops he does not have to wait until the road is cleared.

  22. Manufacturing is way easier to automate than food prep.

  23. The Wire is so good because it focuses on so many different parts of a rust-belt, defunctional city with a corrupt police department being the thread that binds all the the stories.

  24. I'm still hoping to get to a level of infamy to have a prefix like "Downtown" in front of my name 😂

  25. Okay - this is pretty weird but the only black store manager in the district we always referred to him as Downtown....

  26. She’ll be filing appeals forever. There’s nothing about her court case that suggests an unfair sentencing or new evidence. She’ll go to jail after she has her kid, there’s no escaping this.

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