1. Looks like she wants that censori pout. She’s gonna try to bite everything Kanye’s new girl does now 🙄

  2. They have the same management or at least are friends with scooter Braun. I would say this is business related. Kim is falling off ari is reinforcing that Kim is still relevant (although she isn’t)

  3. My mom was the same way. I was her designated 8 year old therapist, and she’s a psychologist herself (go figure) While she could have communicated it better, I do appreciate that she didn’t want me to needlessly suffer like she did if I knew absolutely how soul crushingly hard being a single mom of 4 was. It made the 2 abortions I’ve had very easy decisions that I don’t regret for a second, and I do credit my mom for grilling it into me to NEVER have children until you’re at least 30’if ever. I’m now 31 and almost 100% positive I’ll never have children and I’m totally happy with my rescue dog. It definitely wasn’t the best upbringing, but it could have been worse and I’m glad she never lied to me about the horrors of motherhood.

  4. Beautiful dog. Very sorry to hear about his choice of football team though. (That’s a joke. I don’t even like football. But in honor of my late father, I have to poke fun at all Eagle fans, Cleveland fans, and Baltimore fans. And if anyone is a Cowboys fan I have to says “Americas team, my ass”.)

  5. Subject: what is inside the box.. possibly a reference to the movie seven that Brad Pitt stars in. There’s also the “friends” part that could either indicate Jennifer Aniston or Brad again because he was married to her. The rockstar I’m not so sure though so maybe that makes zero sense lol

  6. The “what is inside the box” is clearly a reference to wheel of fish

  7. Ok? I was guessing. Isn’t that what the fun is in guessing blinds? Jesus Christ.

  8. has anyone seen these meegain topless photos???

  9. I was in a Philly court room a couple months ago waiting for a former friend’s trial and I witnessed a 31 year old man with a criminal history dating back to when he was 12 walk off w house arrest after getting caught with 15 ghost guns… the judge said he seemed like he had a bright future because he applied for an EMT job…. But has never worked. I don’t hVe much hope for the city if these judges keep infantilizing grown men who are violent and dangerous in the name of “prison reform”. That is not prison reform. ETA: and if I remember correctly one of the guns was tied to a murder. Like I couldn’t believe my ears.

  10. As an American, I personally find the name poundland hilarious bc a lot of ppl say I’m gonna take you to pound town as a cheesy way of saying they want to sleep w you. So poundland sounds so dirty to me lolllll

  11. And this is exactly why I left nolibs after a year and came back to south Philly. Insufferable.

  12. I just got the most cringe-inducing ad in my feed for the Piazza, replete with shots of God-awful modern pod furniture, some dude in a man bun just sorta ViBinG out and some girl whacking away at a golf simulator in slo mo while her ass is hanging out of her skirt. It was some straight South Park shit. Wild.

  13. I unfortunately lived at the piazza and I will be suing

  14. American sardine bar! ETA: I’m 31 but I’ve lived in point breeze for 6 years and I always loved it there and it was pretty young w a lot of vegan food.

  15. Can confirm. Been to jail in PA and the shoes are like vans. People try to smuggle them out when they get released bc ppl pay a lot of money for them in the internet. Not sure why lol? Also if you go upstate in PA the combat boots are worth a fortune if you can get them out w you. The guards had to start making sure everyone gave back their shoes bc it’s become such an issue lol

  16. Wow, interesting! However, I am totally thinking some people's priorities are kind of messed up to drive up the price of used prison issue footwear to sport around outside of prison. Used shoes are generally a frightening fashion thought for me anyways though. You can never REALLY get them clean...

  17. I’ve seen people tryna sell them in Philly’s Facebook market place for $100 😭

  18. His eyes are so void, he looks out of this world.

  19. Seriously!! And what is up with the spray tan?!? 🥴😭 schmeg def got her st. tropez tanner and forced her bronzing techniques on his puff pastry ass. I cannot get over the trump similarities w these two.

  20. 😹 Dolezal move coming in 3,2,1…

  21. Not gonna lie, you do have a bit of resting bit*h face going on. That said, how do want people to see you?

  22. I’m very warm and I know I come off very cold to strangers. I guess I just am the type of person you have to get to know, but after 5 minutes we’re best friends.

  23. Thanks, I hate it. I’m so sad I’ll never go to a concert at festival pier again. Just so it can look like a larger piazza on the water ugh 🍅🍅🍅

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