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  1. It's the music playing at both the beginning and ending of episode 1x09 - Life :p This song and the group Flogging Molly really stuck with me haha

  2. It just seemed out of place for the show. There were several songs like that during the show. The show generally had mood music and once in a while these very lyrical things would be played. I just didn't think it fit. It was jarring and out of place.

  3. I thought it was quite neat having licensed music, especially hpw they used it.

  4. Born too early to explore the stars, born too late to be a jauntily dressed skeleton dancing with a nude witch

  5. Everywhere I go I hear or see Ghost. I love it.

  6. I'm amazed that they've found such mass appeal nowadays, it's wonderful to see.

  7. Always cover your Djinn in a sock so if somebody tries to take it all they get is the sock.

  8. thank you to all that contributed to the last post including and not limited to

  9. I'm an ordained minister through the ULC, I'm up for handling any clerical work.

  10. Will there be any ‘special’ cordial provided during cult meetings?

  11. Yeah that keeps happening to me. Like…players shoot at me all the time. So weird.

  12. I ask every woman I know what her body count is. You need to know how many people somebody's murdered, I think that's fair.

  13. After about 2 minutes of turning my brain on and reading the overview, I can confirm that this is nothing like NFTs at all.

  14. Seems as much. I'm just massively sceptical of... well, everything haha.

  15. That's a chimera. No way that's a real animal and not some AI amalgamation.

  16. You should really go get checked. I have had eye problems since I'm like 10 years old, but last few years i got diagnosed with astigmatism and have since gotten prismatic lenses that change the way light hits my eyes and it has improved my vision greatly. Haven't tried it with the 3ds, but rifle optics are much better than they used to be.

  17. Yeah, you're right about that. Honestly since the whole nerf gun thing I'm not great with... eye stuff. Things near or on my eyes is a no, so I worry I'd skew an eye test and walk out with glasses that have me seeing at a 45 degree angle haha.

  18. I think you managed to thread the needle of constructive criticism and kind encouragement. Not an easy thing, but don't hang this on yourself OP. His response was unreasonable and unwarranted.

  19. Y’all have been recycling this ‘This will introduce mutants to the MCU’ theory for every project since Wandavision

  20. Oh and that hamster? Fought in mech arenas in Australia

  21. Well that's just bad storytelling. You can't even get hamsters here, they're illegal.

  22. I wish this was more promising. I was worried the chemistry would be off without Martin, but knowing the rest of the cast aren't on board is just depressing.

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