1. I don't know how you are even walking with a TSH of 96. That is insanely high. You will probably go through a period of adjustment especially with your TSH being that high but it will get better at the end. My TSH was only five and I felt like walking dead. 😳😳

  2. You think 96 is high? Mine was 180. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Hmmm. Have you asked a doctor’s opinion?

  4. I haven’t. Was literally at the derm yesterday but didn’t even think about it 😂 I’ll make sure to get it looked at though!

  5. I love your ring!! Where did you get it from if you don’t mind?

  6. My skin is slowly improving. Body hair has grown back. Face is not as puffy. Still have green veins though. I wonder what’s the connection. Waiting for dryness to completely abate, and hair to become soft once more. Oh and to see my high cheek bones again. The effects of Levo are so magical, really - for those it works for. And I don’t see any side effects. May it keep working or me. Amen.

  7. That is great!! I’m so glad you’re noticing a difference and not having any side effects! I’m curious if I’m hair will change at all because I’ve always had great hair. My skin SUCKS though. I always have terrible eczema on my hands and legs, and I’m extremely puffy all the time. I’m really curious if my face will change once my puffiness decreases.

  8. It probably won’t if it hasn’t before medication. Mine is still full but very dry and so breaks. In most people especially those without absorption issues, the symptoms will resolve with time. It could take months and optimizing your levels. My skin dried up, got KP like spots which are fading away now - I realized they weren’t KP but my pores plugging. So as the hairs grew back, they began fading away. Still waiting on my smooth, shiny skin as well. I’m sure it’ll come back. Funny thing is, the improvements creep it. You might not realize till days later. I looked at my arms one afternoon and there were hairs all over that I started doubting if I lost them in the first place. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Ty so much and I have my good days and off days. It like ya said too the new normal... And yeah I always hope for the best as time keeps coming at me.. it's all we can do . 😁

  10. Just got diagnosed. Got 353.98 of TSH. Apparently I've been having hypothyroidism for years. My symptoms were mostly brain fog, fatigue, bad concentration, and lack of motivation. Thought I was depressed but it ended up being this. I feel like I wasted my teenage years.

  11. Oh dear! I’m so sorry. Thankfully, you’ve found an answer. Don’t worry, it might take months but healing will happen.

  12. Doc would probably have a stroke if he saw my 176 or another commenters 500

  13. Yes. If you can, leave them in the blisters.

  14. I look forward to an update on this post. Do let us know.

  15. Was it a conditional or 10-year GC since you had been married for more than two years ?

  16. Ten-year, which in a way turned out to be a blessing in disguise because had we gone to the interview in 2021 it would have been under two year being married!

  17. We submitted photos throughout our entire relationship, letters from family and friends, receipts from trips we took (boarding passes and such) lots of bills we have together (rent, utilities, credit cards) <—- those are the most important

  18. Is it younger man older woman or the other way around? Though it is immaterial. My understanding is that they just have blanket rule where the officer in charge of stokes interviews gets the case. Like in the room where I had my 751 interview, there was a small postcard on the wall that said "marriage fraud is a crime." But the interview itself was cordial. I did forget a lot of things naturally, like I can't remember the exact dates my spouse was on a trip by herself etc. And at the end, it turned out that because my spouse has been gone for 5 months and stuck abroad due to covid, they were going to approve the 751 but deny the n400 but the officer said she would submit recommendation to the supervisor to approve it. And they did approve it and I naturalized 10 days later.

  19. I was asked how we met, where spouse went to school (what their degree is in), where they work and when we last met in person. It took maybe 3 minutes in total.

  20. Oh wow! Why do you think it was that quick?

  21. Why would you want to raise your TSH levels?

  22. Why would you want to eat only meats? That’s neither healthy nor sustainable.

  23. Where did you get the gold flecks?

  24. My nail artist has them, it’s basically that gold paper stuff that she builds gel on top of so you don’t feel them

  25. Ours was last week. He confirmed some details about our addresses, paperwork and asked a few questions about our relationship. Last vacation, asked me his parents name and vice versa. I still got an RFE for hep B vaccine but he said nothing else remains. I did my first shot today, we'll send him the paperwork tomorrow.

  26. What documents/ evidence did you send it to prove bonafide marriage and commingling of funds, please?

  27. if you feed them the same toxic food and vaccines that you feed yourself, then yes

  28. I mean I know it can cause a few weeks or however long of a flare up. Did they explain their reasoning for that take or direct you to research more into that

  29. I asked today and was told that it triggers autoimmunity.

  30. I get a lot of hate when I say this but my doctor said the same thing This is only after I nearly died of a horrible reaction to the Tdap. But anytime I mention this I'm told I'm an antivaxxer which just isn't true.

  31. Oh wow! Thank heavens you survived it.

  32. No, it’s not. Maybe placebo effect.

  33. I assumed but I was actually nervous of taking it and didn’t think it would do anything.

  34. Haha. Give it some weeks to kick in.

  35. Why are you on 200mcg? How high was your TSH?

  36. Exactly. Especially since they recently started the meds. Reason I asked what their TSH is.

  37. Okay. You need to monitor your levels every few weeks and make sure your TSH is optimal for pregnancy.

  38. TBH, nobody can tell for sure. It’s just the same way a body parts starts acting up. Good thing the nodule is gone.

  39. I mean I think that's what you're saying, that it's true that I don't have Hashimoto's. I worded that weird. I don't understand why my thyroid would just stop producing enough hormones.

  40. Yes, you don’t have Hashimotos.

  41. Thank you so much for this. Levo gets a bad rap online so it’s good to see reviews like this.

  42. What do mean by actual careers as opposed to jobs?

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