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  1. There was an interview with a retired PO on Barstool and he even said you can't police your way out of our current crime problems.

  2. You're not supposed to take ADHD medication with alcohol.

  3. I'm not advocating for anything, but I will share the facts of my personal experience because OP asked. I used this exact litter for my cats when I lived in an apartment in Los Angeles (so, not on septic). After testing with very small amounts, I did flush it down the toilet and never had a clog in over 5 years. Not one. The pee clumps just fell apart the minute they hit the water, into granules about the size of grape-nuts. They never glommed together the way clay does. I only did this for the daily scoop-out, not when I did a whole box change. If there was a particularly large pee clump, I would break it into two and flush separately, with an extra flush between.

  4. You should stop, Just because it makes it past your lines doesn’t mean it didn’t coagulate back with something else or back together and cause the waste water guys issues. People pour grease down their sinks all the time and just say run hot water I’ve never had an clogs but obviously that clogs later.

  5. It literally dissolves in water. It's FAR easier on my system than my shits I'll tell you that much.

  6. If its one flight that deserves clapping when landning its this one.

  7. circlejerk subs aren't meant to be taken seriously. The mod is trolling you

  8. It’d actually be pretty simple for cable to get to 4K. The technology is already there in terms of how they would/will deliver it over their networks (has been for years in fact). There are multiple methods available for cable operators to optimize their networks, especially when roughly 80%+ of what they carry essentially goes unwatched the vast majority of time. The bigger issue is actually in how it’d be received. To support 4K over their traditional network delivery methods is almost certainly going to require a new STB, something which most are extremely loathe to add to their support infrastructure

  9. I wonder if the average person can even tell the difference visually. I know I can't. Maybe my eyesight is just bad.

  10. There's a massive difference if you are sitting at the proper distance. 4k to 8k is not noticeable to me though.

  11. Right...and then you land in a different city or country...easier to get away ...that is a brilliant move

  12. He doesn't need to with this sub constantly tossing his salad. Right, Thom?

  13. 😱😱😱😱🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😨😨 don't forget to like and subscribe. If we hit 1m subs I will open my mouth even wider on thumbnails

  14. So you just wish to be argumentative focussing in on specific words used by someone who has a lived experience of mental health issues who is asking questions and attempting to further their understanding.

  15. They made a specific claim in a psychology subreddit. I took issue with it, admittedly jaded. They explained their point of view. That was that.

  16. Okay. I understand jaded. You can find it suspect. You need no ones allowance for your opinion. The issues you have delineated really do go hand in hand with the issues originally discussed. They are important issues (the ones you’ve raised). It seems we all agree except for defining terminology.

  17. I think it might be more about the concert itself than about the artist

  18. My husband was diagnosed with Asperger's over a decade ago. He prefers that term because simply calling what he has "ASD" is too broad, and is usually associated with a wide range of aneurotypical issues that he doesn't have. "Mild Asperger's" sums up and explains how his ASD presents much better.

  19. My job still does this at 3% and I always take it off my table's checks. It's called a "processing fee" but it's literally just profit for the restaurant.

  20. Yea they say you can ask to take it off but then why even put it on there unless it's a minimum tip or something.

  21. It’s one of my least favorite strokes songs simply due to the ‘I can’t believe it’ section

  22. Bad Decisions for me. It just sounds lazy and too much like a Billy idol song (better but still my least favorite). But that could be recency bias

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