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  1. What a neat set of guidelines. You could print out the bracket marks and do this on another sheet over a light table to make it look freehand.

  2. ugh whats wrong with Asians? EFF OFF DUDE you are such a problem in this world

  3. It is also a lot harder on paper where the pattern needs to match.

  4. yes.. lucky the wallpaper was so complicated it didn't have something that could be called 'patterns' from far away

  5. Can't talk for the rest but for myself. I agree

  6. I agree too as an INTP. Probably I might change when I am older, but just no. Can already think of a million logical reasons why not to have a child focusing on every aspect of childcare.

  7. Not saying this is not satisfying, but am I the only one internally dying from thinking every single different cookie cutter needs these great big sorta machine?

  8. UGH yes, whenever I type fuck they change it to funk or duck or something like that and I have to erase and rewrite it 3 times to make it there because I am too lazy to click the button that leads to rechange duck to fuck

  9. The voiceover is the worse part. It adds nothing

  10. Pretty sure these are conduits not for heating

  11. yes, so those tube veins only cover a small amount of space and that space is not even close to being distributed around the room

  12. This triggered some weird fear I didn't know I had

  13. Someone needs to tell that to all the gardeners in Southern California. They just blow shit out into the street or into someone else’s yard only for the guys that show up to mow and blow the neighbors yard the next day to blow it back and the cycle repeats until we all want to die from leaf blower sounds.

  14. so there's one satisfying video of clipping grass and then a blow-the-clippings-out-of-my-front-yard war?? I cannot understand the minds of those neighbors that makes everyone uncomfortable and disturbed from the noise just to have a grass battle. UGH and I hope you get to live somewhere better

  15. you see among the big booty 69 dick signs there is a identical red one reading stop in tiny letters in the background

  16. You think it would end with a squished finger? It wont

  17. In the context of an event it makes sense but that's about it

  18. yes, and imagine bright orange strips of tape DIAGONALLY across a black square room

  19. I love frosting, so perhaps we could work out some sort of arrangement whereby we meet regularly to eat cake, and you give me your excess frosting?

  20. but not fondant, it's awful. I wish they just give me extra frosting instead of that damn fondant IN EVERY FUCKING CAKE

  21. I don't know, always thought of it as a passing tween fad then realized that it was actually cool. Love them now that it is hard to find. It was everywhere few months ago in our country.

  22. So I unmuted because you said not to and instantly regretted it.

  23. I totally agree! I just found out that there's a trade based high school being built where I live and thought it was pretty badass.

  24. The sad thing is few decades before in my country only boys could learn this in public school, and girls would learn sewing instead. Now both of them is almost gone in school curriculum. Don't know which one is better though.

  25. I wish Deutsche Bahn would be capable of lining up more than those squares.

  26. Ugh yes. Spent 3 summers working at a local dairy bar in high school. Loathed making dip cones. I fished so many ruined cones out of the dip.

  27. Yeah I also feel bad for them, if it goes right then great but if it fails then you ruin everything. It... well it just feels illegal to eat them since every time I buy one feels like I am getting something that was also worth every single failure.

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