1. I ‘used’ to subscribe to Luxe for yearS & finally unsubscribed to all of Boxycharm for a break. I miss the Old Boxycharm & had hopes I’d see others boxes & ‘maybe’ see an improvement. I was shocked to see your Luxe as it was always either a takeover box (fenty, Anastasia Etc) OR had high dollar Products to INCLUDE flat iron, curling iron Etc. This to me looks like premium or regular box w/ added product or 2. I have everyone of those products EXCEPT for the “Four Sigmatic” Face Mask. Is the Nars compact in Orgasmic? If so I DEF have that shade & couple others I Recvd from Boxycharm. I’m sorry to tell you the since IPSY bought/took over Boxycharm??.. it’s been a bust! IPSY wants to be Lead #1 in Sub Boxes but unfortunate they just don’t realize their Customer Service sucks & needs to revamped or Trained. I hate to sound like Debbie Downer on your box but I’d def check the dates of products(if they have any) Great Box other than that it’s just NOT the old Luxe from Boxycharm. It’s sad to say but those days seem to be over.

  2. Yep mine is the same way but honestly I just thought it was supposed to be like that 🤦🏻‍♀️ idk if I shld contact ipsy or not, I had to contact them 3 times in the last two months for missing and broken products 😭

  3. Me too! Ever since Aug when the tracking for GlambagX had incorrect tracking & I notified IPSY. I knew needed to send out replacement or there wasn’t an Glambag X coming. Well I never Recvd it~after 30+ days when everything was ‘supposedly’ out of stock … supposedly IPSY sent a replacement that never came AND IPSY said refunded my monies~none of that happened. Now ever since Aug?… all old products. Now w/ current Glambag X & just when I was excited about getting a Serum? Of course it didn’t come in Glambag X box. So.. with all that said & FACTS IPSY’s is currently giving/selling in Add ons OLD Boxycharm products… it’s time to say “Goodbye~it’s been Real..” it’s shame I’ve subscribed after all these years w/ IPSY.

  4. Yep I definitely agree! I have a million reasons to cancel and I kept putting it off but I said after this X I was going to take a break and I just need to stick to that because our $$$ is what speaks the loudest!!!!

  5. I know right? WTH is MY thinking?! I’m a gluten for punishment I guess. It’s not like I don’t have a box (or 3) worth of unused products I should sell online or something. I’d still not make up the time nor $$ lost dealing w/IPSY.

  6. Looks like you have pretty eyes & don’t need so much eyeliner. Sometimes less is more so to speak. Maybe a lil eyeliner on outside edges (top/bottom) don’t put eyeliner in/on your inside eyes. The way you have eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller. Your very pretty so you should smile;) I’d love to see an updated pic without eyeliner outline.

  7. I’d DEF call the bank you’re with & send screenshots of Emails. With my bank Wells Fargo that’s filed under the “Fraudulent Charges” dept. You made the charges BUT they had no intention of giving you merchandise nor repaying you.. FRAUD

  8. I was able to reach someone who refunded me for items not shipped. I still had to pay for the two identical orders from their Refreshments section. I did receive those so I’m okay with that. Thank you

  9. Still call your bank & tell them you weren’t ‘fully’ refunded from IPSY that the “duplicate” charges were never refunded. The great thing is they can see what I’d credited & Whats debited/taken out from IPSY. If your bank was/is Wells Fargo?.. I’m sure they already know exactly what to do. You nor I are the first nor the last to be financially punched by them

  10. Wow!! Day by day I’m closer to cancelling IPSY but I think requires hiring some type of legal team/Attny. JK!! I can honestly say I’ve ‘never’ had anything stink from Purlisse & I’ve Recvd ‘most’ of their top products, thanks to #aiabeautybundle (try this Sub box!!) Anyway, Purlisse is one of the founders/original Co.’s to start the whole Clean Beauty Product. It’s a Korean Co if I’m not mistaken. You know I always want to contact the actual Co. of those dud/sucky products we receive from IPSY. I’ve finally cancelled All of my Boxycharm (should I say IPSY sister Co?!) I don’t mind saying I MISS TH out of old Boxycharm as they could NOT be beat! Now I can beat them w/a trip to Walgreens instead.

  11. What are your favorite scents? I've been lusting after Margot Elena for so long, it's just an expensive investment.

  12. “DEAD SEXY” followed by “Tainted Love” & ‘Kabuk’ the only one I don’t like is “Honey & the Moon” which of course smells like Honey (supposedly milky Honey). I can honestly say the “Margot Elena’ box is only Sub box that you actually know value of products Recvd is @ least 3~4X the retail price. I love it & only missed a few in years.

  13. I saw exact same Decal while @ Whole Foods. I was excited UNTIL I saw actual products:items in the clear box. There was not nearly this ‘Many’ Products & most looked like a small sample size. I’m wondering since Whole Foods are independently owned/franchised IF that’s Why some can’t purchase? That’s why you can order/buy on Prime. Amazon owns Whole Foods name but each store is independently owned/Franchised?

  14. You already know the answer;/ I’m assuming she’s making you feel like you’re crazy for assuming she had sex w. Band Member. I’m thinking she didn’t even get backstage much less go to Hotel Room. IF she did? She was probably w/ a Roadie & didn’t make it to actual Band Member. I used to be married to Drummer & even dated Musicians before him:/ They’re all a different breed w/ the mentality that they’re Rock Gods before even being signed. Back in 90’s when I was married the guys couldn’t ‘admit’ they were married bcuz the Girls are the ones WHO bought tickets (that paid our bills) & the Guys ‘supposedly’ bought tickets to see the girls who were turning themselves inside out to be noticed or touched by band Member. The girls would put numbers inside pockets or sneak to them & thinking they had Chance w. Members but it was all a game to buy merchandise, more tickets Etc. At end of night the Musicians went home (or hotel/tour bus) w. Wife & didn’t think any more of the girls they flirted with & as wives looked on not being ‘allowed’ to say anything or get mad. I was a model but ‘most’ other wives if not Models worked also in Industry whether Stripper, Writer for Entertainment Msgs etc. There’s a reason Musicians pick this type Wife bcuz they can handle or seem to handle being in this ‘Game’ of flirting right in front & it not meaning anything. Models do the sane thing on the Runway/studio.

  15. I really want try the blood orange tangerine & keep asking owner of Vape shop to order, but I only remember ‘Blood Orange’..we may have a slight language barrier;/ :0 Thank you for response

  16. I LOVE the VIORI Shampoo/Conditioner in “Hidden Waterfall” (Unique’ Musk Scent) I bought set for every special Lady/Gent in My Life. The other scent is Good too a Fresh Citrusy/for Oily hair. I’ll take any Saturday Skin AND Belief Product whether I’ve Recvd before or Not~all Products have been that good. I’ve got share of Kaia Stack as I think every Sub Box gave away past few months (Hello IPSY & Boxy;) Allure is one box I’ve not skipped in yearS.

  17. Double Commenting;O I’ve Recvd HundredS of Skin Care Products through out Years.. the “Body Shop~Drops of Youth” IS the BEST I’ve ever used!! I’m amazed how much dead skin comes off & I keep my face exfoliated/cleanser always! DEF repurchasing when I run out, which is a 1ST I’m it’s self!!

  18. I LOVE the Nail Polish! I got the ‘Yellow’ & ‘Blue’ shades I was pumped hit yellow while waiting on bag but once applied the Blue is my FAV & so many compliments! I bet that Green is Beautiful! Wish they were in the IPSY Sale! DEF Great Brand!

  19. Whereas some of us don’t even have our August Glam BagX.. where’s the logic?! I’m Thinking Boxycharm put a hex/curse for whomever takes over there Business?!

  20. Dayumm! That’s a Great Bag! I still don’t have my “replacement” August Glam BagX either! I don’t even have the New Tracking # either. Ipsy CS sucks as I told them in beginning the tracking# for August BagX was incorrect & should’ve been fixed first week & NOT wait whole month to see IF it was going to come… Now?? I believe they knew ‘some’ of us weren’t getting squat! Whether not enough product then what promised or whatever the mayhem was.. so over it. Ipsy can’t even tell us what’s in replacement bag~only thst bag promised is “out of stock” which what I warned them about;/ #overtheshit

  21. My boxes were delivered to the wrong address last month- both of them. FedEx wouldn’t even help track them. ME immediately sent me two replacements- not a single issue.

  22. I LOVE Margot Elena Customer service!! I’ve called twice in the years I’ve had sub box, my fault changing Visa/Debit Card. After dealing w/ CS from IPSY doesn’t take Much to impress me! Margot Elena CS just always so nice, accommodating & just wow you can even call VS email

  23. Ok, Black Widow is a surprise hit for me. I can’t get enough of it!

  24. Oh wow I’m surprised you Recvd already! I’m also surprised that it hadn’t sold out yet?! I LOVE my Margot Elena Box more than any box I’ve subscribed (MANY)

  25. Dayumm I need to talk IPSY like you do! I’ve not got my Aug glam X & CS emailing me crap like “I’m tracking this For you..” & when I asked What tracking # they used to track so I could too?! She didn’t answer but repeated “I’m tracking for you ..” when I said this is like my 2020 ultimate bag I Never Recvd? She emailed back w/ asking IF I had order #for that??!! WTH & never mentioned Aug bag she’s supposedly tracking. I’m beginning to see they are being smart assess w/ comments to me/us! I can be one too but give respect ‘when’ it’s due.

  26. I really like that primer; however, it is not equal to my Supergoop, and I got that primer quite a long time ago from Ipsy, so I’d check the date.

  27. Hellya check the date that was supposed to be in my Oct 2020 IPSY “Ultimate” Bag! They said it was Sold out! I wish I was kidding w/ you too! Dayumm!

  28. I know you smelled it & that’s why you cut it ;/ lol. Please for the love of Pete, tell me you sniff stuff?! What’s that saying?.. “the nose always Knows” if the rest of saying isn’t “the nose knows WHAT THE EYE CANT SEE” it sure as hellion should be. Throw that biotch away! Class dismissed!

  29. Got mine yesterday. Missing the thirst trap. Have an open ticket about it. The bot said it was being sent out but who knows.

  30. Oh No! I’ve been excited to get my “thirst trap” but then again I’ve been excited to get my Glam BagX ALL month of August & now into September ;( not to be rude but glad I’m not only one missing Glam BagX now I have hope I might still get mine too!

  31. Oh wow!! Hmm So there IS a chance I might get my Glam BagX then??! I thought IPSY Customer Care was stroking me by saying “I’m tracking your IPSY glam bag FOR You..” but yet.. a month later I still don’t have correct Tracking # in order to track for myself. Meanwhile~There’s No IPSY Glam BagX in site. Great Glam BagX you Recvd. Im supposed to be getting “Unicorn body polish”, “Wishful” & “Keys” as well… Hope it’s not out of Stock soon?! ;((( When did you get your $$ back? They’ve not offered me my $$ back actually not offered anything except tracking FOR Me.

  32. Skylar is name of Company & “Coconut Cove” is scent I fell in love with! The month I looked @ Skylar to subscribe to they had scent called “Cotton Candy Clouds” or something along those lines.

  33. Funny you should say that as I’ve wanted to join the Subscription box thru “Skylar” . I found it right after recving ‘Skylar~Coconut Cove’ from IPSY. I was looking up prices so I could buy it again & saw it advertised. So THANK YOU for reminding me..matter of fact I’m cancelling my IPSY & not only joining this perfume sub but know what brands I Do & don’t like. I’m just tired of waiting for an IPSY Glam Plus/GlamX bag for months & knowing there’s issues IPSY just won’t fix. ESP after realizing tracking #isnt working or my box is Still sitting over week in NC Hub & then only to have Customer Service pacify me w/ “we’re watching your package FOR you..” Now that IPSY acquired Boxycharm I’m having Same issues after being customers of both for Years. I’m sure these ‘smaller’ Sub boxes would love to have New subscribers. Try the ‘Skylar’ or @ least check it out on their site. Good luck

  34. WHY does Customer Service always act like it’s coming out of their Bank Account? They take so personally like they’re the ones who screwed up since you Emailed in first place, (or they do to ME) They never send me replacement anything & like yourself I’m nice/cordial w/ them.. I just want what I was promised or Paid for~nothing more or less

  35. I ‘Still’ don’t have my Glam BagX! I Recvd notice the tracking # was incorrect so I emailed notifing IPSY. I Recvd Email that “rest assured I’m tracking FOR you” then I asked ‘what’ tracking # is she using to track For me?! she emailed & just repeated that she’s tracking FOR me.. I waited week or so then emailed same girl responding that same thing happened in Oct 2020 w/ my Ultimate & I still haven’t Recvd so I’m sure this is exactly what will/is happening again. Would you believe she emailed back asked for my Order # from the Oct 2020 Ultimate Bag?! Absolute “0”/nothing about my Aug BagX pkg missing. My whole point is IF you get notice on app(s) that the Tracking # is incorrect, then it MOST Certainly is lost & never to be seen. I’ve not heard “word” from her again. Now all those products will be “sold out” as usual. No apologies like you Recvd. They sent “0”to me in response to all this. I’m beyond DONE. It’s too much of hassle to order from IPSY ~same w/ Boxycharm since they took over there;(

  36. Yes! Love that u remember the Blistex trick 😂! And totally right about Max Factor. They had this perfect, perfect lipstick color called "Beige Cine". How i remember that is nuts, but it was a sheer, glossy lipstick formula. I dug out that tube with a toothpick until it was gone, ha! And still search for a similar product (to no avail). Maybe I should check out Estée Lauder!

  37. I remember a friend called me & said “Omg you won’t believe what I just found out!.. of course I thought it would be about another rock band coming into town or something scandalous! She told me “run & Buy whatever Max Factor love/needed bcuz Estee bought them..” that pan stick was to die for! No pores showing~period! The formula literally sank into pure instead ;o far as lip shades the color(s) & formula that comes close is the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liners in “Pillow Talk & Pillow Talk~’Medium’ check out those 2 colors & let me know what you think. I hate so expensive tho! Another great thing about Max Factor~cost was’NT crazy high & found in drug store(s) nearest you.

  38. And she lined a little around her lip line, right? Takes me back 25 years!

  39. Dayummm “8” products?! I just Recvd my Allure box for August & it only had ‘2’ products in it!:0 the “Tula” exfoliating sugar scrub & the moisturizer (can’t think name) ANYWAY.. I emailed Allure & sent pictures of my box w/ ‘extra’ clear tape around it & Tula box smashed. Within an hour I had notification from 3 tracking CO’s pop up w/ Allure box tracking #.. NOW that’s impressive AH! Helped me make the decision to cancel that one Co who shows me what awesome products I’d receive IF Only the didn’t use that same Courier! Or what TH ever the problem may be I don’t care. I’m glad to have Allure as it appears they’re ‘cleaning up’ after actually reading Subscribers Posts/Comments! I think it’s awesome!!i also really love the extra boxes you can buy from Allure! I think I’ll go order one (or two) Thanks for spoilers

  40. I LOVE this Jelly Cleanser! It’s awesome! Like others I originally Recvd in my Boxycharm years ago & loved it. i like the Texture of it & certainly does NOT make face feel like oil { cleans helloutofit!} Regarding comment about hard to squeeze tube? Only was difficult getting the last morsels of drops out for me.

  41. It’s the 3.3 oz, not the 8.5 oz. I’ve always wanted to try this toner. Same with the jelly cleanser. I already have the calming gel cleanser and really enjoy using it. This is shaping up to be a really nice box!😍

  42. I absolutely LOVE the jelly cleanser by REN. It’s the best I think over “Wishful” & “Green Clean” … I’m glad we’re recving this box from AIA as I’d forgotten just how awesome the Jelly Cleanser works! Im soo pumped to be receiving this box since I’m cancelling most boxes this month! All AFTER the realization that “ONE Sub Co” who sends products in bags & taken over Great Sub Co in a box is now running it in the ground. That’s 4 boxes/bags gone! I’m keeping my AIA & Margot Elena sub boxes for GREAT Customer Service & Outstanding Products like these! This is going to be a Box worth getting {& maybe even ordering another} Thanks for the Spoilers!

  43. Wow & I still don’t have my glam BagX. I emailed them first of Aug to say tracking # is wrong. Finally I got a response that Rep is following FOR me. I’ve sent a couple emails thanking them but PLS give me correct tracking # so I can track it too. I get a response back no worries tracking FOR me. I emailed This happened to me on Oct 2020 Ultimate bag & I’ve STILL Not Recvd, she emailed me to give her the order #from that bag. Scary part is I do think I have that. I’m spent on getting sub box/bags I just need to stop ordering stuff I’ll never be able to catch up w/using all of. Count my losses so to speak

  44. Is that what he told you when he got busted on a dating app? That you neglected him? That’s what people do when they get caught cheating.. turn the guilt around on them. What are they going to say? Oh snap I didn’t think I would get caught? lol. Your young & have all those bachelors there & actually going Uni to get a better job/future. Now turn around & look @ your self in this. What do you think you should do? He got caught on app & you broke up w/ him like you should have. Your relationship never was a ‘committed’ one or at least NOT in his mind while building his profile. You only found out he was on an app & I bet you never asked IF he got any bites/dates or sex out of it.

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