1. Don’t forget the Beanie Baby 👌

  2. I can breed you an optimal one! You can say no of course, but would you be willing to breed your Johto Wooper and give me that instead? I already have too many HA Fuecoco as is, haha

  3. Sure I can give you johto Wooper! Let me know when you’re ready to trade

  4. Thanks for the trade! I appreciate it!

  5. I can trade Unaware Fuecoco! Looking for Moxie Quaxly!

  6. Yeah I can touch trade you those two no prob VGRLQAJZBNQY

  7. I appreciate it so much! I’ll let you know if I get an elusive female Salandit

  8. I do! It's not mine so I can't guarantee it's not hacked in some way, but since we're touch trading anyway I'm assuming that's not an issue.

  9. I can touch trade klefki, tapu koko, tapu fini, falinks and celesteela. I'm looking to fill my go dex too. Do you happen to have go Budew, noivern, eelektrik, tyrunt, amaura or auroro?

  10. I have Budew, Eelektrik, Noivern, and Aurorus!

  11. Thanks for the trades! I’m sorry I was slow in a couple spots, but I appreciate your patience!

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