1. I have more faith that they could have won without Poole than without Draymond.

  2. Yup. Seems like an obvious 0% chance they win anything without Draymond. He's basically just as important as Steph.

  3. For anyone who thinks RJ is wrong, remember, Jordan was taken third behind Hakeem and Sam Bowie; Kevin Durant was taken after Greg Oden; James Harden was taken after Hasheem Thabeet. I could keep going. Teams historically will take a big over a wing if it is even close in their minds.

  4. That’s what they’re concerned about?

  5. Lacob is looking for a way to get out of having to fire/waive Draymond.

  6. Tbf, there is a pretty vocal minority saying it's okay in a roundabout way.

  7. Says a lot that Steph stood up for Poole. I figured he'd either stay quiet or stand with Draymond. Dude must have REALLY fucked up.

  8. I think Lacob is just trying to get Poole to take a paycut and it's the company line right now to placate Poole's ego.

  9. How many times in the past 20 years have we heard about a "generational, can't miss prospect" that actually turned out to be true? Once

  10. Yeah, here's an approximate list of the players deemed "generational, can't miss" from 2007-2022:

  11. Fucking dumb, if Magic really did say that he’s underrating himself or overrating Barnes.

  12. Straight swap for Russ who says no?

  13. Imagine being worse than the process Sixers or the 7-59 Bobcats and you end up with the 14th pick

  14. Pelicans missing Jrue, Conley was playing injured for Memphis, Love missed the finals and Kyrie missed all but most of game 1 while the Warriors were healthy the whole time

  15. That feels like a normal level of injuries for a Playoffs. Also didn't seem to swing the outcome.

  16. Okay, that 2015 Cavs team had Timofey Mozgov as Lebrons #2 and they still won 2 games and the series went to 6.

  17. If they traded Westbrook right when Durant left, they'd probably have some combination of Tatum, Luka, Ja, etc.

  18. We were a contender for half-a-decade and one of our superstars bounced in unprecedented fashion. We thought the tank was on and Russ was the next to go. He stayed and played out of his mind and we weren't terrible, and that's a knock on us?

  19. I thought that Monty was meant to be a great player relations coach, how did he let this happen

  20. It's like if someone had a reputation of being good at shooting.

  21. Man, Kyrie Irving is one hell of a hill to die on.

  22. Hated him down inside so much that he defended Russ with his burner account?

  23. Ayton and Mikal looked good. Our bench looked like dog shit.

  24. Imagine being comfortable giving up like 2.4 PPP on a switch lol

  25. I wouldn't do it. Turner and Hield are mediocre. Unless AD go back to 2018-2020 level, we will be a play-in team with or without Turner and Hield, so it makes absolutely no sense to max out the cap-space, and move picks to be as mediocre

  26. You are great until you are not. It happens quick. Maybe turner being in every single trade in the last 4 years tell you something about his true value

  27. I'm fine if the franchise implodes because of trading second round picks.

  28. I assumed KG was the top 10 player. But yeah could go with Duncan too.

  29. I swear to god +/- has got to be the dumbest stat out there, you can have a great game and have a negative +/- while also have a terrible game with positive +/-

  30. Only thing worse than looking at the score of the game (+/-) is looking at PPG or other counting stats.

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