Christmas giveaway of new CryptoCards Collection (read comments)

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  1. Strange, I got 4,9 PLU anyone knows why there is such a difference?

  2. I'm in Germany as well and so far Lidl and eBay worked fine (through curve).

  3. I use Paypal -> Curve -> Plutus. Could it be that I staked my Plutus around 10 of May? That I need to wait one more month before it takes into affect?

  4. I don't know if PayPal causing the problem but May was also my first plutus month and it worked without problems.

  5. I can get you a glameow! do you have clefairy, taillow, chimecho, or whismur?

  6. Thank you, much appreciate it!

  7. Had the same issue this morning, took several hours but it worked after all.

  8. Had the same issue for ~10 attempts, it just randomly worked after that...

  9. Same here, had to wait like 5min to get the code. Than it worked fine.

  10. Interesting "Police Arrest Man Who Claims Playing Basketball Naked ‘Enhances His Skill Level’"

  11. Kann mir bitte einer sagen das das rechte Bild schon lange vorher aufgenommen wurde und nur aus dem kontext gezogen wird?

  12. Gerade gegoogelt, das rechte Bild ist von 2017.

  13. Some ETH, some BTC but mostly USDC.

  14. That would make thinks so much easier...

  15. So we can top up the card with DOGE but CRO the one currency this platform is about isn't supported?

  16. Two of my (German) Bank accounts got verified in 1-2 days. But I still haven't tried if it works.

  17. Probably for diversification but they are often from Tether and I'm not a big fan of them.

  18. Any recommendations what a better alternative would be?

  19. Wouldn't using CRO to top up the card and then making purchases with it trigger taxes? I'm just going to top it up using fiat when my card arrives and keep my CRO staked.

  20. Yes, at least where I live it would trigger taxes. I personally hope CDC will provide reports for that in the future.

  21. Thats great news! Next stop US exchange.

  22. I'm also already planning to upgrade to jade, the benefits are just to awesome :D

  23. Same here after the last Update, i sometimes get an error Message that there is a corrupted File. Sadly i got my game via the Microsoft Store with no chance to scan for corrupted files. You however can scan the installation in steam for courrpted parts and just redownload the specific parts.

  24. I'm getting an error message on startup since the last Update:

  25. This comment still needs more upvotes

  26. Lmao. I told my crush i liked her yesterday and she said "oh really" and hasnt responded since. Lol

  27. Na, wer gönnt sich gerade den Spaß auf impfen-sh? Schöne GrĂŒĂŸe von Warteschlangen-Platz 34851 (seit 25 Minuten unverĂ€ndert) ;)

  28. Habe gerade meine TerminbestÀtigung bekommen. Haltet durch!

  29. Gerade 200 PlĂ€tze weitergerĂŒckt nach ~30min

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