1. Short Version: Your narrator is overacting, and your characters sound like they're reading half the time (when they're not splitting my eardrums).

  2. When you submit your auditions, what do you write in your proposals?

  3. I only submit my audition and then thank the RH for their consideration! Should I include a proposal that specifies my rate PFH or why their work interests me? Thanks for the advice!

  4. Yeah, briefly state that their posted rate is a fit, how quickly you can complete the narration for them with your current workload, and not necessarily why their work interests you, but rather, why you being their narrator would be a benefit to them, and tie THAT into why you're interested. (i.e., "Being an avid model rocketeer, I'm familiar with the terminology involved, so you can rest assured my narration will be accurate".)

  5. I've been reamed out for this numerous times, and I'm a bad person I know, but...

  6. Two things immediately jump out at me in your post: You've had quite a few coaches - have you had any of the listen to your actual auditions? What do they say about the quality of the auditions you're submitting?

  7. I had one listen to one of my auditions because he was going to be part of the show. He ended up working with me on my audition for it. He thought I was really right for the part but overall didn't get it. He said the original audition was "crap" in a nice way.

  8. Feel free, I'll be happy to listen to it (FWIW). I'm no coach, and it sounds like you're on the right track - top notch coaching; Nancy Wolfson's techniques are legendary, and Crispin Freeman & Richard Horvitz are also tops in their respective genres.

  9. The first one is the hardest! I hope you just keep on submitting, because that’s the best way to push through rejection. This is unusual, but I submitted my first audition last November and didn’t hear back from the person until THREE DAYS AGO. You never know where opportunity will come from, or when.

  10. I'm the same way when it comes to gardening. I planted some tomato seeds in January and didn't get any tomatoes until August. I immediately pulled the plant out of the ground & threw it away. If it took that long to grow tomatoes they probably wouldn't taste very good anyway. 🤔😳

  11. Are those tracks from AUDITIONS you did for Covoco or have you actually booked work with them?

  12. Put a stool in your booth, so you only stand while you're actually recording. 🤔

  13. You like cats? Me too! We'll have to get together sometime & swap recipes! 🤔😲🤣

  14. Where's the fire? Slow down - starting with like HALF that speed.

  15. A DAW is a DAW. Audacity works fine for professional voice-over audio editor, presuming you have a well treated space & professional equipment to use.

  16. It doesn't sound natural. Your voice isn't that low, so in attempting to make it sound lower, you're losing breath support.

  17. When a rights holder is on ACX, what's the ONLY thing they care about?

  18. Your voice sounds naturally deep, but you seem to be speaking from your vocal fry, perhaps in an effort to sound even deeper. It sounds unnatural.

  19. If you don't know, then you probably shouldn't try to do it yourself, because it will sound like a do-it-yourself demo, and you will be competing with professionals.

  20. Most sites have an 18+ requirement and if I use their information it might be seen as fraud

  21. I understand your frustration. I started working at a pizza restaurant when I was 15 (I had a work permit & parental consent), and by the time I was 18, I was told I was ready to be a manager. The problem was the drinking age in California is 21 and you have to be 21 to legally pour beer, so the company had a policy you also had to be 21 to be a manager.

  22. At the risk of sounding "rude", either you're ready to be a professional voice actor and charge professional rates, or you're not.

  23. First of all, their "discount" is an old sales trick designed to create a sense of urgency in your decision making process. If they are willing to discount their price today, they'll do it next week, or even next month. You simply reverse the process by saying, "I will do it, but only if you honor the original 'discounted' price. You have until the end of this call to agree to it, or I won't be taking your training course".

  24. It's nice to have aspirations, but if you're serious about finding voice acting work, my advice is to drop the "aspiring" from your description. Nobody wants to hire a dreamer for their project. They'll say, "Good luck, and call us when you get there".

  25. Thank you for the advice :) In all honesty I included inspiring in the description to imply that I'm still relatively new to the profession, I think you're right though and it might only be hurting my chances of getting valuable responses. Regardless, thank you for the tip!

  26. I don't know of any book where a male author writes only the male lines, and a female author writes only the female lines.

  27. A salesman doesn't say to a potential client, "If you're serious about hiring me, I'll get some cards made up". 🤨

  28. The book would be "Voice Over Legal" by Robert Sciglimpaglia.

  29. Well since I'm just a beginner, it took me roughly around 3.5 hours including everything like recording editing polishing etc.

  30. Congratulations - you are now making as much money as a McDonald's 1978! 🤣

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