1. Love this look and concept. This would be the perfect opportunity to have him come back super scary with a vendetta.

  2. I think bloody face and piggy man would have me shook

  3. Why was holy water burning him then 🤨

  4. You…you do know Holy Water is used in Voodoo, right…?

  5. Obviously I don’t know that because I don’t practice voodoo

  6. They are a gay photographer and have taken so many pictures of big daddy men.

  7. Was more taken back at “had four of them inside me today”

  8. It could be a matter of costs yea. It reminds me of how back then all of the McDonald's used to look so nice and now they all look uninspired and depressing lol.

  9. I guess it’s universal haha. Logos have been simplified a lot as well. Although that was to make it more graphic design friendly. I would imagine WWE accumulated more money though. Not a fan of the basic screens, looks low budget.

  10. Definitely NYC. It was too morbid for me. I ended up turning off the finale half way.

  11. I would rather it be released weekly, but I’d be happy with any streaming service. Having a show on cable is so outdated.

  12. I don’t know man. A good classic, never goes out of style 😈

  13. Drag yourself into the 20s, you look like Martha Stewart with that channel

  14. Cool concept but I think the aesthetic should be a bit different, this is very similar to red tide.

  15. I’m still confused. There was footage of them shooting teasers that I don’t think we ever got. One with rats, one with a group of people walking in an alley.

  16. Couldn’t chucky prime have split his soul between the therapist and the doll? I think it was glen & Glenda

  17. I think it was teachanlly Glen or glenda since their human body's died

  18. I feel like the show would have way more exposure and views if it was on a streaming service. If you don’t have cable (who does anymore) it’s really hard to legally watch it.

  19. It's safe to guess you didn't like Cult either.

  20. Cult is in my top 4 but this season is pretty low for me. Cult had plenty of shocks/twists while also focusing on psychological horror and reality. NYC, while the acting and vibe was amazing, was just sad and not horror to me. Basically everybody gets sick and dies, the end.

  21. I think it was actually some of the best writing and dialogue AHS has had in a long time. They were actually speaking like people and not caricatures. The style of horror I guess wasn’t for me, I don’t consider it horror.

  22. I don’t see how she’s going to live life in her body, she’s still a fugitive.

  23. Was that the finale? So random to end with 7 episodes. Isn’t it usually 8?

  24. I had to double check because it felt like a finale. But there's 1 more and it's Xmas time.

  25. Yeah interesting, I wonder how they’re gonna wrap it up cause it feels like it’s already been wrapped.

  26. Yes, that has always took me out of the fantasy, especially in curse. The fact he has a painted on mouth one shot and an actual mouth the next. I always wonder how the movies would have went if he was always in static doll form, like in the season 1 talent show where he’s talking like himself but still in doll form.

  27. Started with ego, but now I think he realized something is up

  28. Other than if the severed head is still alive I'm not sure, in season 1 it was implied that Kyle took care of it, other than that I can't see any way they could bring scarred Chucky back unless it's like a flashback or something.

  29. An off screen death is so disappointing though

  30. The only way I thought they can is if they buy one of the dolls from hot topic and possess that lol.

  31. I can’t see Andy acting out Charles though after seeing how good Nica is at it. I would def be curious to see it though.

  32. Well she was on the second floor, no? The explosion only reached 6 feet.

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