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  1. As a representative of Space, i reject this proposal

  2. Can we please keep Andujar this time? You can’t honestly tell me Gallo is more valuable

  3. But he hit .200 and a bunch of dongs a long time ago! Gotta go with the ceiling!!

  4. Chapman should retire and join Farnsworth on the bodybuilding circuit

  5. Its easy to say greed, and i'm sure thats the case sometimes. But given how demand surge and supply chain issues can make it harder for dealers to get inventory, some if it may just be necessary for those particular shops.

  6. They make a special backer rod for this called a "pool noodle."

  7. People already hated Alice for being a poorly written Mary Sue who, after the first movie, was only there so Anderson could show off his wife, a scene where she puts a .45 sized hole in Angie's head wouldn't have made things any worse.

  8. Nah, anytime I see someone claim they are a communist I assume they are lazy and rich enough to sit on their ass all day and complain about capitalism while mooching off their rich family.

  9. they are a weird hybrid..they themselves might not have a lot of money to spend so aren't swimming in luxury by american standards, but they are usually backstopped against actual struggle by someone else.

  10. depending on who is running the federal or your state government during the recession, i would expect the solar industry might see its share of porkulus spending. so there's some hope.

  11. It’s almost like the whole point of the United States is to have states that are united but make their own laws that represent those specific people

  12. But a state I don't live in might pass a law I don't like!!! 😮

  13. I think it's just because the first one is so great. ML2 is a just too silly in some spots, but Uecker really saves it.

  14. i have a fondness for ML2 because one year when i was a kid it was one of those movies that was on HBO literally every morning. i must have seen in a dozen or more times during the summer when it had that spot in the hbo lineup.

  15. Yeah, I hear you. Life was so different before streaming lol. Maybe in Japan, knocking yourself unconscious is better than actually catching the ball.

  16. 45 acp had it's day. Arguing over "stopping power" for handgun rounds is a silly exercise. About the best I can say for it now is the rounds look like little bombs which is kind of cool I guess.

  17. Joey Gallo is the worst Yankee of my lifetime by far and I can't wait until he's out of pinstripes. If I never heard his name again it would be too soon.

  18. Gray at least gave us a good 2017 when he got here midseason.

  19. having thought about it more: Imagine if instead of K'ing all the time, Gallo mixed it up by hitting into more double plays.

  20. Gardner might still be able to outperform Gallo at this point, but he's not a credible solution to the issue.

  21. Sign Aaron Judge. Anything that the front office sells us regarding that they don’t want to “overpay”.

  22. Problem is judge might not be a megastar as soon as 3 years from now.

  23. This is the truth. He's 30 Soto is 23. Soto isn't even in his "Prime".

  24. There's room for some debate between Stanton and judge when you consider judge might cost $15m more a year than Stanton

  25. I’m not sure. He seemed locked in and dead set on that argument but I’m starting to think he was trolling. I’m gonna see him soon and gonna see.

  26. Some men just want to watch the world burn (said in Michael Caine voice)

  27. Idk about the rest of you but i dont think i have hated a yankee as much as i hate gallo. 0 hits in 31 ABs and we still roll him out like a starter

  28. Haven't hated a yankee this much since Ben Francisco.

  29. yeah i just paid the $200 stamp for my first suppressor like a month in the 90 - million day wait before i can pick it up

  30. Who the hell is this not Ricky Ricardo guy filling in on the fan???

  31. If i'm ranking areas in need of addressing on this team, i guess IKF is near the top but i think thats more of a commentary on how well built the team is than IKF being a problem.

  32. Basically the argument is Gallo outsucks IKF by a mile, but since IKF actually plays upgrading from him actually helps the team more. I buy that. (not sarcasm).

  33. just give me a demo where i can walk around the spencer mansion in rengine and i'll be happy

  34. That would be sick. No enemies, same music, all the puzzles ready to be solved.

  35. there were a couple spots in Castle D in Village that gave me spencer mansion vibes and i was like "Thats it capcom I NEED THAT SHIT give me RE1 reremake now"

  36. I have a PPA (i know i know, but it worked for economically and in terms of my risk tolerances). I pay like 7-8 cents for energy from my system which beats paying the utility 12 or 13 cents per kwh. The issue is at the end of the year, they zero out my net energy balance by paying me only about 2 or 3 cents for my balance of excess kwh. So really, anything above 100% i'm losing some money on, though its not nearly enough to offset the savings from all the energy i get at 7 cents instead of 12.

  37. Mets fans are going to be disappointed on how easily that team gets bounced in the playoffs.

  38. remember they play other AAAA-ball teams until the WS if they make it, so they could conceivably make a bit of a run.

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