1. Yeah it's a real shame because the ambient stuff used in missions and story moments are really really good. Kanatahséton is the only area in the game that has ambient music in free roam as far as I know, and I've only heard it when it was snowing.

  2. What do you mean with "dumbed down parkour"? You're speaking as if parkour in pre-Origins was anything complex or risky

  3. I recommend watching Leo K or Jcers on YT if you want to see the true depth and beauty of the classic parkour system

  4. In most ways yes, but except a couple features that have really been gutted like the parkour; really restrictive and less flashy, although the movement overall is more responsive/snappier. The combat is also more responsive and less buggy, but it's truly barebones.

  5. Play the first few games. You'll see why that stuff is in there, Assassin's Creed is not Assassin's Creed without the Modern Day.

  6. The two best footstep sounds in AC: Ezio running on the rooftop tiles & Evie running on the concrete. There's such a constant dopamine hit with those.

  7. I think the perfect system would be the one you mentioned, freedom & speed of AC2 and the beauty of Unity/Syndicate's animations. A parkour down function would be good too.

  8. This is what I'm hoping for in Mirage. I'm happy you said syndicate as well, oftentimes it's overlooked due to the rope launcher which is understandable but that game still has clean animations and I think the rope launcher fits nicely in the steampunk London setting, even if it's a little bit of a cheat code.

  9. Yep. Even though Syndicate is more restrictive than Unity, it feels a lot more responsive due to reduced input lag so you can make quick adjustments with less headache. The rope launcher could have been better yeah, but it's fun to use as an extended long jump.

  10. Blind hatred is exactly that... blind. Most making these posts likely never really gave the RPG games a fair chance.

  11. What mechanics do you think the RPG Creeds did better than the old games?

  12. Stop holding high profile all the time, when getting near objects and beams, let go for just a sec, then continue chasing.

  13. It's good, not the best though. Just a couple things that bring it down like input lag and low gravity animation blending. Also the restriction of manual side jumps is frustrating.

  14. AC2's parkour is actually the fastest and smoothest in the series if you know what you're doing.

  15. Yeah Liberation is awesome and Aveline's a great protagonist, it shouldnt have been sidelined to a handheld console.

  16. Wait what ? I'm downloading all of the games to my pc so I didn't know it was a console game xD

  17. It was originally developed as an exclusive for the PS Vita, but it got remastered for the main consoles and PC a couple years later. It got remastered again (I think?) bundled with the AC3 Remaster.

  18. Origins is Egyptian/Roman vibes, not Greek. Odyssey is the Greek one.

  19. There's still a lot of Greek influence in Origins. Their empire had reached Egypt before Rome and you can see their fingerprints in cities like Cyrene and Alexandria.

  20. If you don't think the Modern Day is important or beneficial to Assassin's Creed, you've completely missed the point. Go play something else.

  21. Yeah same here dude. I only got into AC a few years ago and played them in order. When Minerva started looking directly at the camera, my eyebrow raised, and when she said "Desmond" and Ezio gets confused, my mind exploded. It's so damn cool.

  22. AC3, Brotherhood and AC1 in that order. There's a special sauce to those games that just make you feel warm and comfy

  23. You can on PC. Nexus mods has this skin for both versions thankfully! And it's only a simple drag and drop install as well.

  24. I hope so. Bayek and Aya are ought to be revered figures for the Hidden Ones.

  25. Bayek was mostly unknown... Way more people knew about Aya. They were searching for Aya when they found Bayek since they didn't know about him

  26. Yeah Amunet being what Altair was to Ezio would be great too, kinda cool how Bayek was the true "Hidden One" in history hah.

  27. Origins. Good aggressive stealth gameplay, beautiful open world and interesting protagonists. I really like how, even with the retcons, it respected and further enriched the AC lore and attributes.

  28. Nope, there's no issues on modern machines and it runs well. Only thing on pc that some might consider an issue is the default bindings, which you can change Ofc.

  29. Castello Crasher, Femme Fatale, The Burdens We Carry and Guardian of Forli. All these are technically separate memories but they all flow into each other as one huge mission, and it's goddamn beautiful. Everything that made Classic AC such a great experience is explored in that mission.

  30. I agree with you on everything except parkour. I just don't understand why ubisoft needlessly removed manual jump. There was literally no reason to do so. It resulted in a really awkward on rails system compared to Unity. Looks great, feels awful though.

  31. Yh im not saying the parkour is amazing, its definatly a downgrade to unity, but its still great in its own right

  32. Unity. Stealth is generally unforgiving if you're not making use of smoke bombs and youre not a juggernaut ninja like Ezio in combat.

  33. Not too sure why u have to be toxic about it I was just asking a question cus I find it kind of boring; I’d rather be sailing my ship across the waters and sinking enemies not running around an office hacking computers

  34. I think you find the Modern Day sections boring because in all three of the games that you've played, those sections actually are awful and boring. Play the first five games (AC1-AC3) and you'll see how interesting and fleshed out the Modern Day element is & why it defines 'Assassin's Creed' as a series.

  35. Thanks I was going to get the ezio Collection next so they should be good

  36. Nice! If you're not interested in playing AC1, watch the cutscenes, it'll make the Ezio Games hit harder.

  37. Unless Mirage spectacularly bombs, which is quite unlikely, I reckon we will see more of these "classic experiences“.

  38. True. I think this is the best thing going forward for the series , they can quite literally please every AC fan with the three upcoming main games. RPG fans with Red, Classic fans with Mirage, and fans who've grown tired of both with Hexe.

  39. Stick to the tomahawk or sword for most fights, it's the fastest and most damaging option. For regulars & agiles, normal attacks + chainkills should work fine. With higher ranking soldiers like captains and grenadiers, pressing the jump button after countering should break their defense.

  40. Hard limits and boundaries between lethal & non-lethal attacks. Not for story purposes ofc, but just for personal RP

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