1. Loved the theme, but I really disliked the cluing for much of the fill in this one.

  2. Definitely not Lazerus, dude is a clown

  3. Can you elaborate? I’m relatively new to reading Hawks Twitter/beat reporting and I didn’t realize people felt this way.

  4. The only inaccurate thing here is the trash one. Chicago is pretty fucking clean.

  5. Speaking as a White Sox fan, I assumed that’s what “fuckin’ trash” was referring to.

  6. Dude would probably make a great linebacker. Definitely top two among guys named Josh Allen in the league.

  7. I’m shocked to see so many Excellent / Good ratings. I loved the theme and thought it was well executed…but some of the fill was a major drag (BEAUT/UNO cluing and cross is just awful), and it felt like the grid construction left too many isolated sections.

  8. This is only the 2nd game this year the Bills have been down by two scores? That’s INSANE.

  9. Bengals offense is unbelievable when it’s clicking. They just look unstoppable right now.

  10. Chase or Kelce to drive down the field with?

  11. I like to think Huntley's middle name is Mike...

  12. We now have J. Ross and J. Ross heading into the 2023 season. Hopefully we can find some more.

  13. People do say “MYOB” out loud. The same way someone might describe a party as “BYOB” instead of “bring your own booze”

  14. Hum, BYOB is common but I’ve never heard someone say MYOB out loud. I’d be totally confused and find it super weird.

  15. I drove to the store. They scanned my feet and said I was a 9.5 I tried the Bauer M3 senior size 9.5 regular width. The skate length is good, however, the ankle section of the skate is too wide and my ankles are moving around. The skate is snug around my mid foot and toes, but the ankle are loose. This was after baking as well. But they didn't help me tie the skates after baking so I probably didn't tie them tight enough around the ankle. Is this normal? Would Vapors fit more snugly and tight around the ankle?

  16. Hmm, I’ve heard that Vapors do tend to fit tighter, but that might just be on the foot itself, not the ankle. IMO if you’re happy with the fit of the M3 on your foot/toe, I’d stick with those. You can crank the laces tight on the ankles if you want them more snug, and they should soften a bit over time, making it easier to get a closer fit there.

  17. They’re worth trying, it’s only a few dollars to give them a go. It’s all personal preference. Lots of people love waxed laces because you can pull them tight and they hold without any slipping or loosening.

  18. Damn saying like that really brings he point. But one of those wasn't butker I don't think?

  19. I've thought about this a lot. The Blackhawks' name and logo carry the weight and legacy of almost 100 years of the team's history, and with that much inertia it's hard to imagine things changing anytime soon. The current logo is iconic, beautiful, and tasteful, certainly compared to other teams with Native American iconography that have phased it out in recent years. "Blackhawks" isn't remotely comparable to a slur like "Redskins", and our logo is far more respectful than Chief Wahoo, which is an obviously inappropriate caricature.

  20. I’m sorry, didn’t they just hire a different new manager like two weeks ago?

  21. It was just Twitter bullshit that we'd hired Joe Espada, never anything official from the team or legitimate news sources.

  22. Wow. You know when you're just absolutely in sync with a puzzle and the answers come incredibly smoothly? That was me today. Solved it more than 9 minutes faster (>50% faster) than my previous Friday best, and faster than both my Wednesday and Thursday bests. Crazy.

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