1. Yes, looking like puss in boots in the 4th film 😭😂

  2. Too close to something hot, your hand hair will curl like that too if your cooking something on a fire

  3. We use a flushable corn liter, it actually makes his poops less stinky and fussy to clean up

  4. Not cute, it's as bad as breeding dogs like pugs and Arabians to have little to no mouth

  5. Mozzarella sticks, yea they keep rotating from nacho cheese bites to garlic cheese bites to the "Christmas" time only ones. But they were so good and affordable

  6. Everything that is a meat free version is expensive, almost 3 times the price of the actual meat one

  7. Tigers tend to have small territories but you don't see them living next to villages

  8. Omg I never knew BAB made cow plushies! Where can I get them from?

  9. Just give it time, if it seems to take a long time clean the fliter out regularly as some big particles can get stuck in the filter

  10. She probably wants you to watch her eat, my cat does that he screams at me and I see he still has food in his bowl, when I walk up to it he starts to eat it without stopping

  11. I can understand green and cloudy water. But orange?!

  12. All fun and games until the water is low enough to the point where the cat can't reach the edge to get out

  13. You need to cycle the tank before you put anything in it

  14. That probably didn't take 2 minutes to copy and paste

  15. Omg his colours are stunning! This is normal btw, there are bettas that have smooth or spiky fins like yours

  16. Omg I thought you actually grew the plants and put them in the pot! That's beautiful!

  17. Those adverts that go on for about 3-5 minutes, telling you the price 10 times in that amount of time and saying how you will get a special deal if you call the number

  18. That fully white leaf is gonna die quite quickly

  19. Nothing wrong with using normal tap water and adding some tap water conditioner, probably alot less expensive. Also check the parameters with a api liquid test kit, it's very easy to follow the steps. And is your aquarium cycled?

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