1. The speaker who is talking about torturing humans is God. This is why the second verse is criticizing God, "unsatisfied with rain you made tears, and threw out your baby expecting we'd praise ye". They're referring to baby Jesus there.

  2. I find the picture of God as a malevolent person kind of contradictory to Angels on Vacation, because lines like "we don't have to tell the big man, he wouldn't understand" kind of make him out to be all perfect and picturesque. Those are pretty clear references, though, so you're probably right

  3. My guess is the contrast is purposeful. God is this picturesque being, he is perfect in every way. But that very quality started to make him bored with existence, he wants to change things up. Some drama and chaos amongst the constant, eternal perfection.

  4. Which platform are you using? You could try to both reset your control bindings. Depending on the issue this can help.

  5. I'm using the Switch version. The friend list loads fine on my end and I can send out an invite to her. But she can't open the menu to accept it (she's on PC).

  6. For me the issue was on PS4 and for a friend it happened on PS5, so this fix might not work you.

  7. The inferno vibe fits for me down in the American south. Its been so scorching hot outside even before summer officially began. Definitely get that it doesn't fit everyone's summer though.

  8. This was one of two Weezer albums since 2019 that, upon first listen, I was completely hooked.

  9. Why'd you post the same thing as the other day? Lol.

  10. It's pretty good. The lack of solos except for Smart Girls is a bummer, but it doesn't sound awful at all. It just has a lot of cringe factor to it, like in "Where's My Sex?" and that derpy cover art lol. I love Run Away.

  11. Didn't Rivers admit to writing the song while high? I wouldn't be surprised if the true lyrics are as incoherent as they sound lol.

  12. Who determines what is a finite crime? The criminal?

  13. The point they're making is that our perspective is limited and we think that what we do just disappears. If you call your coworker an idiot, then they go home with a bad attitude because you hurt their feelings and they call their kid an idiot, then that kid goes to school the next day feeling sore about being called an idiot so they shove a classmate in the playground, and so on. You might think the act was finite, that what you did wasn't that bad, but you started a chain of other actions, all of which began at you.

  14. This. And if you really need a period tracker: use free & open-source period tracker apps (like

  15. I’m not in the US and don’t know much about the constitution. Apologies for the question, but are you able to explain how the Supreme Court has the mandate to make this decision? It seems to fly in the face of popular opinion in support of Roe? The president doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it either. How is this democratic? It looks more like a decision by a theocratic dictatorship. Confused.

  16. The Supreme Court, being the judiciary of the federal government, is the ultimate interpreter of the constitutionality of different laws, or court cases. Its purpose, in theory, is not to follow popular opinion, but rather to interpret constitutionality.

  17. Thanks for the explanation. So is the SC now saying that the 50 year Roe ruling was illegal? Unconstitutional?

  18. They are saying it is unconstitutional, and over-ruling the decision original made by Roe v Wade. This effectively gives control of abortion rights over to the individual state governments, who can now ban it if they want.

  19. Just so we are clear, they are not done either. Same sex marriage and contraception is next.

  20. Not just same-sex marriage, but also simply engaging in consensual sexual activity with members of the same sex. This is insane.

  21. Please could you post a link to this, I want to read it

  22. If they make exceptions for rape or incest, ask them why the life of a baby conceived from rape is less valuable than the life of a baby conceived from consensual sex. Holding those exceptions actually lends credence to the idea that abortion is justified, at least to some degree.

  23. If the Bible calls it sin, I don't give a shit lol.

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  25. The last time I made this point in a discussion with a theist, their argument boiled down to your solution C. His argument was essentially "time travel exists in sci fi media, therefore God".

  26. In the US, there are no federal laws making it illegal to commit suicide. It is only illegal to assist someone in committing suicide, with a common exception being physician-assisted suicide.

  27. What does it mean? I love the song and belt out the lyrics, but haven't got the faintest idea what it means lol.

  28. In my opinion, ranking Spring higher than Summer is just dumb.

  29. By what metric would each Pokemon get categorized as male or female? What if Sylveon is just a very feminine-looking male Pokemon?

  30. I understand that there are effeminate qualities amongst males, the eeveelutions is what started this with me saying Sylveon, Glaceion and Vaporeon are fenale and Umbreon is a male. I'm aware some pokemon like Ponyta and Bulbasaur for example are very easily both however clearly male pokemon like Machamp and Mr. Mime are quite obviously men. Machamp is not a masculine female if you understand where I'm coming from.

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