1. Yes, and apparently 20/30 gallon tank minimum plus other forms of hiding spaces

  2. No stop spending misinformation about clownfish!

  3. Water he added was from a pre cycled tank, you can tell by the clarity and bits that come into the tank, atleast I’m really fucking hoping. Also if you add some bio media from a pre established tank aswell as the water the clownfish should be fine, I’ve setup extra tanks in a day or two this way, completely safe no ammonia spikes or second cycles if you do it properly and know what your doing.

  4. It is the worst scenario for fish I have EVER seen. Even when Walmart used to sell fish. It is horrible. This particular store anyway. I regular another Petco and the difference is very stark. But the knowledge base is still zero.

  5. Your a saint thank you for trying friend

  6. I’ve ditched internet help entirely, and only listen to my real life gurus that have set the example in real life, this isn’t for everyone but personally it’s very much help me focus and not be overwhelmed with ideas and methods.

  7. Does this make anyone else feel a lot better about your own “dirty” jugs?

  8. message me privately so i can send you the discord!


  10. Holy fuck, I kinda feel bad that my first reaction to that was to bust out laughing, 1 dollar for -2950 ge?! Holy crap

  11. Never happened to me. In 10 years. Maybe I'm lucky

  12. You can take water from your tank and heat it on the stove if you have a proper thermometer and the patience and some sort of ceramic vessel.

  13. He needs a quarantine tank with medication stat! Specifically a high oxygen tank with lots of airation and low flow, he’s got some sort of internal parasite use humble fish forums for medication help! Get to it, the house can get alittle dirty your responsibility is to that beautiful and unique life forum.

  14. Come on, my hand righting isn’t that bad, is it?!

  15. UPDATE: it’s one beautiful shiny light orange koi! About 6”, will take pictures once I get it in the tank

  16. Yeah it’s cramped but it’s amazing to me the fish look healthy and he’s keeping them all alive. They don’t look afraid of him so it’s likely he’s had them awhile.

  17. The fox face looks incredibly emaciated and probably won’t last long

  18. Does anyone see the face in the rocks that looks like it’s about to eat the fish?

  19. Omg it looks like one of the orcs from lord of the rings, or maybe the hobbit I can’t remember which one.

  20. That’s alittle disappointing I’ve been trying to keep him alive for awhile and I haven’t seen him for a bit :(

  21. IM so Jealous! I think I’m going to get a marine beta too at some point because of these posts

  22. welcome too another beauty of the reefing hobby, choice of flow! if you can see that theres plenty of space for the fish to rest and not strain to swim all the time then its perfectly fine! depending on coral your SPS will love this extreme flow!

  23. normal i hate fake coral but wow, this is amazing, props to the tank creator.

  24. Bro not even gonna lie, I spend most of the time on Facebook marketplace trying to show these people recipes of what actually good deals for their items go for, they’re always extremely aggressive, pretty entertaining since they’re trying to offload that junk lmao

  25. Salinity unrelated to the main factor that being disease, I’ve seen full blown fish retailers have there salinity at 1.020, probably some of the reputable places your or my lfs buy from.

  26. My high end lfs keeps all fish that are not in the frag tank at 1.021. They show me with the refractometer every time I buy one. Their fish have been the healthiest ones I have ever bought every single time

  27. Exactly they probably get their fish from a whole sale seller who does the exact same, my lfs gets their fish in at 1.020 Im not sure exactly why they do it but it’s doesn’t affect the health of the fish, and if that isn’t the case it’s not the salinity to blame. I agree!

  28. Can you post a photo of the nasty mucus cocoon I’m so interested, also thank you for the lesson!

  29. Thank you! I googled something similar and wasn’t sure if I was looking at the same thing you were talking about! Amazing

  30. Best you can do is get copepods and dose plankton, it’ll help a lot.

  31. If you can cheat death then sure you can.

  32. Omg and the heater so close to the basking pad… everything about this is shitty

  33. I wonder what other names you’ve come up with for your other animals ❤️

  34. do you pay rent? or go to the grocery store, for some reason i feel like your world is alittle detached from reality

  35. And you’re basing this off of reading a paragraph of me fucking with a stranger how?

  36. I think we both know what’s going on here dude. Just stop.

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