1. NC State has one, and my youngest sister attends there. She made the hand gesture and says "Wolfpack nation, baby"

  2. I'd wish they bring back Mad House and Legacy mode as well. Sugar fright was fun simply because of the 2x scopw.on the R4C

  3. Find some teammates that you can play with in a stack. Even one is better than solo q since you already have a connection. Play smart and give callouts when you die. I still struggle with that since I'm a pretty passive guy.

  4. In my mind, yeah. I would because Doc has a 1.5x scope and Rook has a 2x scope. Both are three armors

  5. Old enough to remember Luke Steelerstahl. Local politicians stay cringe.

  6. Jeez, that's a blast from the past. He's been out of office for several years now, hasn't he? The latest mayor of PGH I can name is Bill Peduto Jr. If irc

  7. Pittsburgh is a heavy democratic city, I think most of the mayor's in recent history have been Democrats

  8. I can play video games, mainly shooters and sports. Board games are fun, risk, scrabble, monopoly etc.

  9. I like shooters and sports games. Heck, that's pretty much what I grew up on. LOL.

  10. I normally just try and reply in a pleasant tone and message like gg or thanks

  11. I moved here in the early 2000 when I was three, since my dad accepted a job in Mt. Airy. I consider this my home and I love my hometown.

  12. My brother goes there and he like the atmosphere and players. Good answer

  13. Brookberry park off Country club. My GF lives there, it's about 1300 or so a month so alittle more than what your friend was looking for, but she loves it and I've gone over there multiple times to spend time with her. Never had an issue

  14. It isn't that serious, it's a game of football. The Bengals had a better team than the Steelers and it shows. They made the AFC title game and congrats to them on that accomplishment. Let's just look forward to next season

  15. James Bond. Connery, Moore are great Bonds. Timothy Dslton and Pierce Brosnan are tied for third. Craig is not above thise 4, but Skyfall had to be the best one. No offense OP, just my opinion.

  16. "Sean Peyton oversaw a bounty scandal... Is THIS the man you want for YOUR Indianapolis Head Coach???"

  17. Go to R6 home page on here. Click change user flair under the three vertical dots. Scroll down and pick your operator

  18. While Outback isn't perfect, it's not the worst - Consulate and Theme park come to mind

  19. Tastes, I liked it too when there were fewer ops and gadget, but nowadays the map is outdated imo (plus there are only 1½ playable objectives)

  20. My favorite site to defend in quick match is Archives simply because of the Mira strategy to play in Harry Potter. Works well with a kaid to electrify hatches, at least the one behind you

  21. No because the 49ers will then have 6 wins and tie the Steelers at 6. Can't have that. Has to be chiefs or eagles.

  22. The Patriots have already tied us at 6, so it's a meaningless record

  23. I like to keep at least a 2 super bowl gap between us and the next, just in case.

  24. As nice as that sounds, we haven't advanced to one since 2010 and our next chance to go would have been in 2015-16 season but Tom Brady went and beat the Falcons

  25. He's isn't a bad coach, im not making that argument. My complaints fall in the post season lack of success, that's my main gripe. Out of the past coaches,, Tomlins been better than some of the pre Noll ones

  26. You should go where you feel like you'll get the best education and college experience. For me that was Western. For others it was App. Go where you feel happy

  27. Can't wait to lose in the general election and hand Biden another term

  28. The LBs could be fixed by drafting or have you considered coaching may play a factor in this?

  29. I think I have one from the Hurricanes arena when the Penguins played there last year. I can DM it you

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