1. The Writing is separate from the test itself, so even if you cancel your score your approved Writing will still count and cover you for the next five years.

  2. We devoted an entire episode of our Podcast to Parallel questions if you'd like to give it a listen:

  3. The scoring scale for that particular test, and all other official PTs, can be found here:

  4. The cheapest option is to enroll in our Testing & Analytics package, which not only provides access to the Crystal Ball recording video and the full set of recommended questions/content, but also offers every available PT (about 18-20 more than LSAC's lawhub) and our detailed performance review analytics. That last should prove especially valuable in these final two weeks, as it will tell you exactly where you're struggling, and prioritize what to focus on based on your greatest opportunities for improvement.

  5. Purely anecdotal (LSAC doesn't release this sort of info), but it seems that RC has been the most popular section for experimentals for the past several administrations. Likely that comes down to them not needing to pre-test LR quite as urgently, and an uncertainty on LSAC's part about what's going to happen with LG. They wouldn't want to pre-test a bunch of LG content that may prove somewhat irrelevant if the section itself changes in the next year or two.

  6. I just got an update on this! The video takes a little while to process for posting, but it looks like the recording and all of the recommended problem sets will be available in your Student Center tomorrow (I’d guess around midday ET).

  7. Where are the problem sets posted? I was able to access the video, but I don't see the sets!

  8. No problem! Scroll down to just below the video(s) and you'll see a big blue button that says "Click Here for Crystal Ball Recommended Content." That'll take you to a page with all of the suggested material compiled for you :)

  9. Thanks for this crystal ball btw! We appreciate the hard work the men and women over at PS do! I think I heard this on the CB last night, but are y’all still on the fence about doing a October CB? Or is that something you definitely foresee? Sounds like not much will change in October from what was presented in last nights CB though, correct?

  10. Thanks for the info, Jon. Have a good weekend!

  11. It’s possible that LSAC releases one or more of the June form combinations at some point, but they’ve given no indication that they plan to (and certainly nothing to suggest when it might happen). So I’m not holding my breath that we’ll ever see it.

  12. No. Absences, cancellations, and kept scores go on your record and schools can see them. Withdrawals don’t. So while schools could theoretically see that you’re registered for an upcoming test and then, post-withdrawing, see that you aren’t, they’re not tracking that and pay it no mind.

  13. Remember too that there were multiple combinations of scored sections, meaning multiple scoring scales. A 173—or any particular outcome, for that matter—being unattainable on all of them is super unlikely!

  14. What's this accommodation called? Is this something that has to be requested as a custom/personalized accommodation?

  15. I don’t know of an official name for it, but you can simply explain it and, more crucially, why you deserve it. (So likely “custom,” yes)

  16. What, to treat people like they’re dumbasses? That is not helpful; it’s actually pretty fuckin stupid, from both a business and a moral perspective. I have never used any tutoring services, but I will say that those Powerscore dudes are unfailingly gracious - a total class act. That should be the model, imo.

  17. I’m steering well clear of the main discussion here, but wanted to say how much I appreciate your comment. The test is plenty cruel without us amplifying the punishment :)

  18. No, schools can’t see your score before you can. They see it only once it’s released, at which point you’ll have access as well. They can see that you took the June LSAT though, which is likely why some are reaching out (a preemptive strike, essentially).

  19. I didn’t know that schools will see my exact LSAT score once it’s released. This is new to me.

  20. Once it’s on your official record schools can see it, yeah. They also can see when you register for upcoming tests, which is why many won’t fully evaluate submitted applications if a future test result is pending.

  21. I realize this is an ancient thread, but on the off chance someone stumbles across it as I just have:

  22. This does help. I got locked out again for resetting a different account. I was connected to the wrong account, waiting for the time period thing. Only to have to wait another 6 months or something. I have up a long time ago and just use my gf’s account lol

  23. Haha sounds like a nightmare! I'd been reading all morning about how amazon refuses to override the 180-day waiting period, so I didn't exactly have high hopes when I reached out to them...only to find them immediately willing to help me out. Made my day :)

  24. To clarify, I believe we were just talking about circular games in general and aspects that can make them tougher. One “feature” that ups the difficulty is the use of tiers or concentric circles along the lines of what we see with Feb 14 (and this June’s reuse of it). We have a blog on that idea if anyone wants to explore it further:

  25. I took the International LSAT and adding to the International June LSAT - Real LR Topics list:

  26. I took Friday’s exam with one LR (26Q). I remember mating parrots eating shells, coral fluorescence, small class sizes, movie villains.

  27. Thank you for this! Been waiting to get confirmation of the question count for that one :)

  28. “Either Dave is a fortune teller or he secretly works as a double agent for LSAC. Both are pretty cool 😎”

  29. Yes! It’s in the same section. I even remember the question type of it but I guess I’m not allowed to discuss it lol. Anyway Sorry for the confusion!

  30. Good call--always best not to get into types. Topics wouldn't help anyone. Types could.

  31. Oh, ha I thought you were saying reexamination was in the same section as Chardonnay. If so it's experimental. If not, it's real.

  32. Hmmm I'm afraid we don't have any references to those questions at all. Try this: head over to this thread and post them in a single comment so other people have an opportunity to weigh in

  33. Does anybody remember which section the LR question about use of LOL in texting was in? I can’t remember whether I took the real section first or second but I remember the LOL question

  34. After a fairly intensive day chipping away at all of this, I can say with some confidence that the LOL question was experimental. It should be in a section with topics on raising federal interest rates to prevent recession, artificial intelligence eliminating human jobs, and risky lawn mowing (and hopefully cooking chicken, vitamin C/E injections, and tv programs about extraterrestrials and tv execs being irresponsible for producing them).

  35. LSAC never releases that information, unless they decide at some point in the future to make the test public, like they did with PTs 90, 91, and 92. Zero indication they'll do that for these June tests though, or, for that matter, any of the tests we've seen thus far in 2022.

  36. We explain it in more detail in our June recap podcast and in this episode specifically about it (

  37. Yeah, this is an unfortunate case of us getting some confident-sounding info that turned out to be slightly misremembered. I tried my best to clarify things in a post today if you’d like to check that out:

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