Being woken up to a bear searching for food near your tent

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  1. The service industries, and particularly DoorDash, are self-destructing.If you walk in/phone in, the sandwich is 9.50. On doordash is it 12.50. Plus the 7.99 delivery fee. Plus the 2.00 'regulatory' fee. And the driver tip is 7.00 or more. Now that gas is 5 bucks a gallon, no driver will pick up the order for less than 8.00 in urban areas. My 9.50 sandwich is now 29.50. (figured without taxes).

  2. For a 9.50 sandwich that cost you 29.50 the restaurant actually get paid 7 bucks from DD and then turn around pay all of it to operating expenses.

  3. Anyone else anticipate the tow cable to snap?

  4. I'm a freelance software engineer, with 20+ years of experience, very high in demand. Over the past week, I've had 5 interviews of which 2 asked me to come to the office for either 2 or 3 days per week.

  5. While it’s great to have demands such as yours and you have every qualifications to do so, but on the flip side what’s stopping companies from outsourcing jobs that can be done remotely to other part of the world for pennies to a dollar paid to US employees? If this trend continue i fear companies have no choice but to outsource if they’re not already planning it.

  6. A a forklift or team of 12-15 healthy adults and a heavy duty dolly will do. If you don’t have that i’d take the machine apart carefully and move the pieces and reassemble. This might void your warranty though. Good luck and be safe.

  7. It’s actually quite entertaining.

  8. Looks like a chained saw to me.

  9. If you put the sliding block under the track the predrilled holes on the track should line up with two of the holes on the block. Mine did anyway, so i used the the track as a template. Flip it at 90 to drill the other holes one at a time.

  10. Very neat! Is this router setup a good alternative to a planer?

  11. A 36” planer is next to non existent outside of some factory in China. A router jig as this is the next best thing you have unless you a cnc equipped to do woodwork.

  12. Yes. I am commissioned to build wood countertop and a live edge table that seats 12 before their grand opening.

  13. It appear to be aiming for that target and nailed it.

  14. He did the right thing by backing out. It’d be idiotic to drive into the tunnel knowing you can’t.

  15. A group of people with adrenaline can be an unstoppable force.

  16. For April fools yea. Any other day no.

  17. This classical fairytale is cheesy.

  18. Damn! I’d pee in my pants and no one would know.

  19. Shuhhhh keep it quiet will you? There could be girls on this boat.

  20. Lesson one don’t rob. Lesson two wear a helmet if you have to rob just in case you get stabbed in the head with a stick while being held down. Lesson three, go back to lesson one.

  21. Went from confidence to zero in less than 2 sec.

  22. Mine got those and a software update just about every other time i turn on the tv

  23. Before reaching a quick judgement about this, be sure to get the

  24. War is cruel no matter what angle you look at it from. None of it was justified from either sides.

  25. Pretty accurate, but she’s old now. Lol (as am I 😂

  26. She passed due to covid. Such a beautiful soul. Rip.

  27. Doesn’t seem like it can safely hold a round work piece with those 3 screws.

  28. Beautiful piece! Well if you cut something from that paper bag it might actually be butter that you were cutting.

  29. Bear is bigger than you. Bear is hungry. Bear can smell you. Glad you came back with this video.

  30. Man i have never seen one that low.

  31. More stars than the number of pixels on the screen that display it. Interesting.

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