Easy way to (temporarily) fix tinnitus

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  1. I take it how I’m supposed to and it hasn’t really effected me negatively unless I use more than needed. It does produce some kind of anxiety for me. I’m thinking of asking my doctor to switch me to ritalin.

  2. Do you take IR or XR? I have a friend who got crippling anxiety from XR until she started opening the pill and pouring the little med beads into apple sauce and taking it that way. WHY that works, I could not tell you.

  3. How i just saw your response is crazy too. Sorry it took so long lol.

  4. Haha, interesting way to do it. I did take XR for awhile and the anxiety was so much worse. IR is much better but it’s still there. I recently tried Ritalin, I liked it a lot. No anxiety, it didn’t effect my mood as much and my libido didn’t get messed with.

  5. She’s so shitty right here. Just got done cheating on the man. Eh. It’s californication what else can you say lol

  6. I find myself roasting someone with a damn good joke only to look over at another buddy, who I know heard every word I said…just to ask him if he heard what I said, then repeat the joke entirely.

  7. Because it hurts your teammates too, and in a team setting you and your team should be trying to wall the Lanes up, not throw Urethane and make them spotty and annoying.

  8. Just read this, sorry for missing your comment before. I get it man. Urethane is a game changer for most of the night. My teammates understand the game and adjust accordingly. They watch every ball I throw so they know where not to, or a certain line to avoid. I also don’t only use urethane. I use it for mostly longer oil patterns to tailor my pearl for later games(especially if it’s a tournament). I get what you’re saying though for sure.

  9. Those are the easy ones - when you miss early there is no expectation of a 300 coming. It really hurts when the miss comes in frame 9 or 10

  10. Nice! That's a really solid and clean game.

  11. Yeah Um, that’s not cool and you’re not overthinking. Tell your mom to come get you and leave. I would never in a millions life times say those words to my own flesh and blood. Get out.

  12. Wesker. But he’d prolly end up killing me. 2nd choice is Jill, because she’s Jill.

  13. BXR? I’m surprised I’ve never heard of this term before

  14. Halo 2 buddy. You could also do BRX which would auto reload if you had host.

  15. Ah, I’ve been playing Halo since CE but didn’t start doing multiplayer till 3. That makes sense why I’ve never heard it now

  16. I don't know this story how is that the case?

  17. Lions were gonna give up their pick they selected Ragnow with.

  18. If you're pronouncing uwu as oo-woo then yes it would be an, if you're pronouncing it you-woo then it would be a. I'd default to oo-woo and use an an myself

  19. Also, I feel like if you’re using ‘an’ before the word you’re preparing the English reader to read ‘uwu’ as ‘oowoo,’ or at least that the next word will be a vowel.

  20. Ah, using logic on a throwaway account. I see you’re a man of class.

  21. I’m gettin some real dumb and dumber dog car vibes from this

  22. I had my 10 pin dead wood come all the back down the lane and I stopped it with my foot at the foul line. I took it home because I’ve never done that before lol.

  23. I got mine on a silver after 3 days of owning the game.

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