1. So many Russian soldiers look asian. Obviously expendable cannon fodder from Russia's east. I hope these regions rise up against Moscow.

  2. Looks like a typical Russian soviet era parachute. Looks like the fabric has disintegrated or something. Not a nice way to die, but no sympathy.

  3. With that kind of accuracy i'm guessing its hit by a laser guided 155mm Excaliber round.

  4. It seems to me that if they're pulling them from the Artic, then they must be running low on SAM systems.

  5. I can just see David Attenborough doing an episode on this freak:

  6. Tragic. Rest in peace. Like so many others, he had his whole life ahead of him. What did he do to deserve Russia's terrorism?

  7. Putin is going to fall over and shit himself … again.

  8. More war crimes. We need to get long range weapons to Ukraine, and fast, so that they can hit Russian logistics, ammunition and equipment anywhere in Ukraine.

  9. F'ing Russian terrorists are a scourge on humanity. Pure war crimes again. They will pay for this.

  10. Catastrophic losses for a supposedly modern armed forces. To put that in context, the US lost 37 Tanks and 150 Bradleys in the Iraq war...

  11. Russia only have a handful of these things. Maybe a dozen. Cost $25m each. Ouch!

  12. Clearly the reports out of Russki military are starvation, no water, no warmth, not clothing, and just miserable conditions. Soon epidemics will start among them.

  13. And importantly, Wagner is estimated to have lost 40k of their 50k expendable convicts and cannot easily recruit more. Ordinary mobiks cannot be sacrificed in their thousands in the same way, or Russian public opinion will eventually turn against the Kremlin. Going to take time, but it will happen once the extent of Mobiks’ deaths becomes apparent in Russia…

  14. The Poles should be proud of what they have done for Ukraine. If only certain other European countries did as much.

  15. Russian military equipment is total crap. They do not value their own peoples’ lives at all.

  16. Central Asian descent from Easter Russia, where so many of them have come from. Less repercussions for the Kremlin when they are sacrificed in their thousands.

  17. Loving this crackdown on corruption. Keep it up and Ukraine can genuinely emerge from this war as a European economic powerhouse. Corruption has been a huge problem in the past, and stops inward investment. just Look at Russia (ie Putin’s regime) - one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

  18. That really is very true. One of the dumbest things about Putin's war is that he might have got most of what he wanted if he hadn't acted so barbarically. Ukraine had been historically oppressed by Russia, sure (the Holodomor, etc) but with the end of the Soviet Union there was a chance to go past all that and turn over a new leaf. Russia could have made Ukraine an ally if it had actually provided a better economic and cultural alternative. Instead it just bullied, threatened, and now assaulted and Ukraine's become its deadly enemy.

  19. Always Russia’s way - ‘you will be my friend, otherwise we will destroy you‘!

  20. Look at the Russian’s eyes. completely empty and soulless. He Is destroyed inside.

  21. Painful day for Russia. Loads of tanks and arty destroyed. Slava.

  22. How the hell can Russia sustain these kind of losses?

  23. I am liking these new drones UAF have. Brutally accurate and four times (or do they carry 8) the firepower. Ukraine seem to have more and more decent drop-drones and also kamikaze drones and judging by the growing number of videos of multiple casualties, it is hopefully becoming a game-changer.

  24. Whatever weapon this is, it seems to have a proximity fuse of some sort - ie explodes before it hits its target. Would be interested to know what it is.

  25. Russia are the scourge of the world - and increasingly resemble Hitler’s Nazis. Arrogant, supremist and imperialistic - everywhere they go they sow lies, deceit, death and destruction.

  26. Behaving like a Russian. I hope she is sacked as she clearly does not have her heart in Ukraine.

  27. Brave woman. I hope she gets out of there before the gestapo, I mean police, turn up.

  28. Uhh - is this a joke? That fire is huge and will destroy the engine and probably set the whole tank on fire.

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