1. Yes, he can still blow up entire teams

  2. He has been on every USG banner and that's 3 times alone, pretty sure he was another 2-3 times in different banners.

  3. You can slap him on leader slot and you’re ready to go. He’s probably top 3 unit in the game so you’ll be set for a while. Definitely worth summoning if you want. Keep in mind his drop rate is pretty bad though

  4. If you put him on leader slot, yeah he is

  5. Unfortunately none of your units are meta relevant. They all need a zenkai to be useful. You might wanna summon for newer units to improve your team

  6. You could cancel strike cards almost instantly and farm RR before even landing a card. Yeah no thanks lol

  7. If you have zenkai LF ssb vegeta, you need him instead of that goku black. Also red goku black is worthless without a zenkai

  8. Are you talking about the LF gohan? He absolutely amazing at Z7. He’s sort of vulnerable to getting his buffs canceled but if he gets going you can still 2 card the entire team

  9. I am indeed talking about the LF, thanks for the info! Could you recommend a team to put him on? I don’t have ultra SSBKK and I’m having an issue having a good ability bonus while having a decent power level.

  10. His best teams are hybrid saiyans/son family since he needs them for his buffs. Sadly his teams are not in the best place right now but he’s still a monster

  11. How does the new Vegeta conflict with VB on any team? Their Z abilities buff completely different teams

  12. For USS vegeta is just better, ultra gogeta is better than VB for fusions, so his best teams would probably be future and maybe god ki? OP didn’t mention for what team he wants it though. If you like the unit then go for it definitely, but there are better options if you want to be “optimal”

  13. Well i have a good god ki team the only other blue on it tho is beerus future with soh trunks and fusions dont have ug so he would be cool there

  14. Go for it then man he’s pretty decent

  15. You missed ultra vegeta. Massive multiplier with extra damage and a very fast animation (you can vanish more easily if the enemy vanishes you) which actually makes a good difference

  16. They serve different purposes. Frieza is a support, while jiren is a damage dealer that controls RR usage and does very good damage. Can’t compare them 1 to 1. Overall jiren is better right now, frieza is still really good on LoE though

  17. I do play on switch but mobile is so much better actually. Targeting is way better, game runs more smoothly and crashes less too

  18. Cadena devastadora 😂😂 que horror el doblaje jajaja

  19. Try using easier characters to play with. Greedent is one of the hardest characters in the game to play well with, azumarrill is not that good right now, hoopa is so much better with the hyperspace hole build, but is a hard character to use well in solo Q since you don’t have good communication, and dragonite is just not good with Espeed/outrage; try using hyper beam since it’s just better.

  20. What i find weird is that GAIA repeatetly says she needs all subfunctions to be complete, but Aloy just fucking kills HADES

  21. Hades isn’t required anymore since earth can sustain life effectively right now. There’s no need for a clean slate again

  22. Bait banner was supposed to be the gamma’s banner i think, but yeah it’s nice they didn’t drop a super bait banner

  23. Not really, I think she’s pretty balanced. Her skillshots are not so easy to land and the damage is not over the top. She’s a pretty good laner though but not by a longshot. Also no mobility at all hurts her, probably one of the reasons she doesn’t see that much high level play

  24. You got 4 days to finish? With one more adventure you’re good to go lol

  25. Probably a bunch of new characters and that’s it. Maybe zenkais for bench

  26. Only below 50 meters it’s a one shot kill to the head. Check patch notes

  27. His finest would have one shotted your entire team if the other gohan was dead

  28. Only switch score shield with focus band. Otherwise both glasses are fine

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