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Hi, I was diagnosed with ALS at 38. Over the span of about two years I became totally paralyzed except for my eyes, non-verbal, and unable to eat, drink, or breathe. I still work full time. There will be cat pictures. Ask me anything!

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Went to a new barber. Asked for my part to be cut in. SHE MOWED A FUCKING 1/2” STRIPE OUT OF MY HEAD!

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drama fc

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  1. I'm going to repeat what this guy said because it bears repeating. I appreciate what you're saying and agree to an extent but there's a whole lot of grey in that black and white world you're living in.

  2. It's hilarious that someone would read that much into me thinking it's silly that we have too much celebrity worship in America. The amount of reaching that Redditors sometimes engage in because they feel called out is honestly pretty pathetic. People go on rants all the time about things that they have a strong opinion about. It's not evidence of being 'unhinged' or anything indicative of...really any bit of that nonsense. That's a classic Reddit moment right there. Other than my rant, of course. My edit was all satire.

  3. ...or keep going! that is your choice

  4. It sure is, thank you for recognizing that. I like calling out bullshit. It's entertaining to see how far Redditors go when they're reaching, cherrypicking, and twisting someone's post to try and prove some nonsense point.

  5. I just walked Nelson Cruz 3 times in one game, pitched to him in the 9th up 3-0. Gave up a single, then a blast, then a triple and then a single.

  6. This is how I did it when I was in management. We were hourly, but ultimately your life is yours. Hell, if they’d asked, I would’ve probably clocked them in for extra time, but no one ever did.

  7. I feel like you could easily argue the reward is worth the risk, which is the only legitimate ‘worth’ any of this has . You’re talking about expected value, but in concrete terms, none of the cards are actually worth 25k. They’re either ~90k or ~15k. Of course, you’d also have to factor in how many stubs the person has. And purely for investment purposes, there are safer options, yes. Doesn’t make the Takashi pack less worth it if you’ve got the stubs.

  8. I second what’s been said about Kelly. I use Murphy myself and it’s only because I haven’t got Mauer yet. His contact rating is just too low for ranked most of the time. He is solid defensively but still.

  9. You probably need to live near a place with a team. I’m in Louisville so I keep hoping I run into Tony Santillan since I know he plays a lot. Hasn’t happened yet though.

  10. People will always see what they want to see. I don't think people also realize that flares can descend very, very slowly. The time lapse video leaves me 99% sure that these are military flares, but I can concede that if I had been 'in the moment' and saw them, I would've been wondering.

  11. People who drink scotch with meals just want to try and sound sophisticated. It'd ruin the taste of everything on that plate.

  12. Good. Stop acting like literal children. These things should not have to be explained to you. I refuse to believe there are grown ass adults who are obsessed with watching him play FFXIV. "WATCH THIS, REACT TO THIS, FFXIV TODAY? WHEN? WHEN ARE YOU GOING BACK TO WOW? WHEN ARE YOU PLAYING VAMPIRE SURVIVORS AGAIN THEY ADDED 'X.'" You guys don't understand how annoying and overwhelming that shit can become. It's like the people who follow him around all day in FF and don't understand, can't even fathom, how awful they are. It's top tier cringe. And here come the downvotes! Bring it on, boys. One downvote from one child who wants to try and steer a streamer's content = one victory. I'm sorry the parents you currently live with have utterly failed to teach you patience and respect for others. Channel mods honestly need to go full Mad King and just ban anyone who tries to get him to watch yet another video, play whatever game, or really pressure him in any way. It needs to stop.

  13. How about you take a walk outside, calm down, and when you're back you'll add some nice paragraphs to this mindless tantrum. Who knows, maybe people will actually read it.

  14. I knew someone would get triggered! Didn't take very long.

  15. Yes, take away an effective tool people use to quit smoking for absolutely no reason. We have terminal stupidity in the US. There is no cure.

  16. And you’re afflicted. Only Juuls are said to be banned. Multiple other companies already have approval so vaping will still be possible

  17. A lot of people started with Juul before moving on to other products, and they are an extremely popular tool for people looking to quit smoking. There is a growing anti-vaping sentiment in general, and it's worrisome. Luckily it's been walked back in some cases. But yeah, call me stupid for thinking that this doesn't bode well, you typical, moronic Reddit contrarian. I never said this meant that vaping will no longer be possible, but it is absolutely a win for anti-vapers. If you can't see that, then you're certainly part of the problem. The FDA tries to pull underhanded shit all the time, and to pretend otherwise is intellectual dishonesty at its finest. Now fuck off, please. You're dumb. Your argument is bad.

  18. This sub is so awful anymore. Holy shit.

  19. And filmed for Tiktok/Instragram/whatever else. Fucking idiots.

  20. There was a period of about 2 years where I was terrified of having ALS. Muscles starting twitching literally out of nowhere in the summer of 2019. I had thousands of dollars in medical testing. Three EMGs, none of which showed any indication of MND. I still twitch, often, and was ultimately diagnosed with BFS. I can't imagine what it would have been like if my worst fear had come true. I feel terrible for you, man. I know you probably don't want any sympathy, but...I just don't know what to say. I don't really have any questions, and seeing this and thinking about it again is sort of triggering for me. I'm sorry life decided to fuck you over, man. It's bullshit.

  21. Rocky Dennis with the come up. Looking good!

  22. She still looks good but man that age is really starting to show now. Granted she is 47, so of course she's not going to look like she did back in the Firefly days.

  23. Imagine going on a drive with your wife or daughter only to see them catch a stray bullet in the head from some dumb piece of shit like this. Someone you love more than anything, gone in an instant because some road raging motherfucker with C cup mantitties and a microdick decides it's a good idea to start shooting wildly at someone on the road.

  24. It’s an act…obviously lol. Rich is super entertaining but this is his job

  25. Oh yeah, throwing thousands of dollars at a terrible game made by a terrible company and yelling like a child, even if it's fake, is SUPER entertaining. Premium content. But, dude's rich and fucking Mia Malkova, so, he's doing something right even if I can't stand him, although the fact that he's already moved in with her just shows he doesn't really learn. Give it some time and he'll stream for weeks on end crying about yet another relationship falling apart and getting pity subs for it.

  26. It's probably sexist and terrible, but I cannot trust a female barber. I've only ever had one female cut my hair the way I like it despite giving pretty specific instructions, and of all things it was an older Asian woman at Great Clips. Now I go to a small barber shop owned by some dudes from Kosovo and they're all excellent.

  27. I can't stand shit like this. Doing 'nice' things for people but making sure you're filming so you can upload it to TikTok or Instagram for attention later. A civilization ending asteroid can't come soon enough.

  28. It's bad luck to have a post without a name.

  29. The thing is, they could fix this bullshit if they wanted to. Have a few people dedicated to watch a replay of something like this, and then penalize players who flop around like an actual child and fake injury. They'd stop doing it. As long as it's allowed and continues to work in their favor, they will keep doing it.

  30. Twitch and YouTube have gone absolutely bonkers. I was about to say that it's unbelievable, but at this juncture, it actually is very much believable. Twitch punishing one of its most well known streamers for something that was completely beyond their control, and YouTube punishing people speaking out against a homophobic scammer.

  31. No, they don't. Countries have tested countless nukes. We dropped two atom bombs (still incredibly destructive) on Japan. If Russia decided they wanted to launch nukes against NATO, and thus we would retaliate, it would happen. Nothing would stop it unless some brave servicemen and women decided they couldn't press the button. This mindset that aliens would somehow prevent us from destroying ourselves is complete and utter fantasy.

  32. Not only that but they completely demonetized his channel, effectively firing him from his job

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