Guy is at the doctor.

When you come across a feel-good thing.

C'est magnifique

Let's sip to good health and good company

  1. Put some under your tongue. Just rub it in and take a drink of whatever. You'll be flying for hours.

  2. I have that’s what I used to factory rest but it’s says unable to find device

  3. I haven't ever tried the remote app, so I don't know if this is relevant. I believe that you can pair a remote by holding the home button when it's loading the startup screen. So you can try that with the app maybe?

  4. They're the 4s, but I don't know what color scheme it is.

  5. That's not really going to do much. If you take them all, you'll probably just feel relaxed. I'm saying this because it's a 1:1 thc:cbd. The cbd will tone down any psychoactive effects from the thc. And 10 mgs isn't that much, especially if you have any tolerance at all.

  6. It's funnier if you give the doctor an Asian accent.

  7. I wasn’t expecting anything crazy but I’ve gotten some decent strains like Volney for 10$ axilla 17.50$ 20 for illudium which turned out to be good one but this is a sad strain 😂

  8. I had Volney once and never saw it again. That was a great strain for the price.

  9. I'm just waiting for someone to notice what it says on the label. It straight says that it's only .25% delta 9 THC. It's stuff that you can buy from the local smoke shop. That's why it's so cheap.

  10. Why just the 1s? The 1s were the worst pair out of the first 14 Jordans. Jordans were cool because they were different than the industry standard shoe with the logo on the side. They only mean something because they were the first official "Jordans". Honestly, they really didn't stick out much from regular Nikes that were out then. To each their own, but was just curious about the obsession with the 1s.

  11. I’ve heard this trick but never tried it, it really works?

  12. Definitely not true. These packages are designed so that the tabs push in with the product. The tabs wouldn't be pushed in without the presence of a product. Nice try but not gonna work fam

  13. I think he meant that the carts themselves were empty, not the boxes. But, everything that I have ever bought from FS was packed with quality. I'd say that since these are two different size carts, there would have been some type of malfunction at the plant. If he gets a hold of them, they'd probably know about it.

  14. I don't know. That's how I took it since it would be obvious if the cart itself was missing. Maybe ask the OP

  15. Yeah, you get high from D8 too. The biggest issue that I have is that there isn't regulated testing on the D8 products. So you can get one that will mess you up, buy another item with the same content and it will have no effect. It's really just hit and miss.

  16. It really depends on what you need for support and what you prefer for comfort. I love the 6s, but they were also the first pair that I owned. The 13s and "6 Rings" both have anti-roll soles. I also like the 5s, 7s, 11s and 34s. Those are all very comfortable.

  17. GOAT is my favorite to get new, authenticated Jordans. eBay now has you ship shoes to an authenticator before it goes to the buyer now, so that's pretty safe. I usually go with GOAT. They will even send you the authentication card. I have bought from them, resold on eBay and they passed testing, so they are legit.

  18. Bone Thugs in Harmony, Digital Underground, Cypress Hill

  19. I have woken up horny, but I still have control of my actions. It's never okay to sexually assault someone. Doesn't matter if they are high, drunk, whatever.

  20. I’ve had a dream about this house I’ve never been in for my entire life. I know it from top to bottom and could walk you through it room by room.Started when I was a kid and still happens every once in a while. I swear one day I’m going to walk in that house high and lose my shit.

  21. Their fast, easy and pretty cheap compared to the rest. Had my phone interview within 15 minutes and the appt was just him asking me what ailment I had. Renewed with the board and then was good to go within 24 hours of calling and making the appt 😊 good luck to you!

  22. Yes! They are easy to deal with and not that bad price wise. The phone interview is nothing.

  23. Hmm not them, I think they were maybe retro 6 Olympic flag? I don’t remember them being glossy but they’re the only ones I can find with the soles I’m talking about

  24. Have you looked at the 7s? That seems like they would have had that color scheme.

  25. I'm pretty sure that they are fake. They look very poorly stitched.

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