1. I have a bakery as well, I just had my other parent come with the infant to the bakery and take care of the kid there. From time to time there was the issue of my baker sim dropping everything to check on infant, but it wasn't too bad. I think locking the other parent with the infant in a separate room should solve this.

  2. like setting up a nursery in the bakery? I think that could actually be pretty fun

  3. I think I have to try this out. So do you have two sims at the bakery at all times?

  4. Ugga: "what if bunga just did that and the berries are fine, we gotta test another one"

  5. My gobbos is scheme'az. Skarsnik is bae

  6. How do I activate my autistic fixation on command?

  7. The horrors I would do to look like her

  8. My dyslexic ass could never tell the diff anyway

  9. Its insane that they actually do think we worship Satan, sacrifice children, practice magic, eat people, worship baal or whatever pagan god of the week.

  10. I would give so much to look like this, but still be a top

  11. Well Iโ€™d like to look like this and be a bottom, letโ€™s work something out :3

  12. How do you set lifespans for infants? I'm not getting the options

  13. God I really want to get into warhammer because I like the idea of having lots of little critters to paint and it looks super cool but itโ€™s just way too expensive for me to justify:(

  14. thats why I substitute actually playing with the minis by playing total war warhammer 3, the fantasy version of Warhammer. All the little dudes on tabletop, but you actually get to see them fight

  15. I dearly hope that CA reworks some old factions where appropriate to have Caravans. High Elves should get trade missions that sail the seas to various ports and have to fend off Dark Elf and Vampirate attacks. Maybe is Aislinn ever gets added that would be a good opportunity for a rework.

  16. Dwarfs should have some kind of mining/mineral transport mechanic.

  17. It doesn't matter who's the owner of the destination is, does it? Cathay also trades with vampires. But is this not possible anymore once Drakenhof belongs to another faction?

  18. Lore wise Cathay is kinda chill with vamps. I mean, one of the powerful cathay families are vampires.


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