1. He’s a funny guy idk why he gets so much hate on this sub.

  2. He leans right and everyone who leans right is hated by this sub.

  3. I found this fight really boring personally, the most significant moment happened in the first round and it never felt like the exchanges really developed over the course of it, was just tedious.

  4. I agree I was really disappointed with the way Rob performed and his overall game plan - too cautious with no real motive or sense of urgency

  5. Damn I hate this and will now root for Aljo to win.

  6. Same. After a controversial split decision and a 2 year layoff due to steroids somehow TJ gets the title shot.

  7. You’re on crack there was hardly a 10-8 on either side the whole fight - that was the last thing that came to mind. Don’t be irrational

  8. Appreciate that big time! I'll make more of an effort to think outside of the box like Jiri ;)

  9. Yes sir. I can’t tell you how burnt out we as fans get at the same questions every press conference, interview and article day in and day out.

  10. If video interviews are your cup of tea, I always make an effort to get to know the talent better on a personal level. It's just not always relevant enough to make it into the written feature. No pressure to subscribe or anything, just if pique's your interest :)

  11. You had me at personal level - I’ll try to subscribe after work

  12. Too bad Jon moved up to heavyweight - that guys the gentleman of all gentlemen

  13. Yes I’m sure Dana would love if his champions got injured in the Olympics and were out a year because of it

  14. God you guys are so pessimistic. It would be great if mma was in the Olympics and what it would do for the sport.

  15. Covington may as well be retired clear he’s not gonna fight prime contenders without a belt on the line

  16. He just suckered in the face with apparent brain damage. Don’t be a dilwad

  17. I had a gym that changed the “programming” (daily workouts and muscle groups), while also blaring music and sometimes the classes would fill up and it was crowded. But only for an ~1 hour. The variety, the new people next t me, the stimulation with movements…. All positive. Never got old. It also kinda balanced me for the rest of my day, so I could do more mundane works tasks, or it was a stress reliever after a long day.

  18. Amen on the travel part. Couldn't agree more on profession issues especially coming from someone who works in travel. There is a fine line between being involved and having too much of one thing and ruining your passion.

  19. Short answer: Product Management is my current focus. I wanted an Individual Contributor role, and something dynamic - one with some autonomy and some collaboration. In tech, but not unique to that industry alone. You’re in charge of the “what” to build and the “why.” It’s some customer engagement, but not enough to be doing it the whole day. The trick is I’m still looking to apply this in the right organization - Supportive team/manager, not an aggressive sales environment. Flex hours, Higher/Unlimited PTO, Remote.

  20. Very interesting. Almost all of those components would satisfy an HSS indeed. Variety yet stability. Seems like the perfect balance. I wish you luck friend.

  21. Sooo no one’s going to talk about Jiri having 3 jockstraps. Oh…. Okay

  22. So who kissed their screen at the same time Joana kissed the camera? Just be honest and identify yourselves

  23. I was actually more aroused when Jiri’s antenna touched the trunk

  24. Francis definitely isn't a good boxer, his striking gets carried by his power. but i do agree with you for the most part

  25. Francis is not a good boxer yet, that’s what he was training to be in the first place before being convinced to join MMA. Not a good boxer despite knocking Stipe down multiple times with technique to set up the shot and not just power.

  26. Imagine hooking up your first yellowtail. Perfect cast right on top of a boil. You're bringing it up with all eyes on you including your family, girlfriend and the rest of the charter boat. As you start to see deep color, suddenly your line goes a little limp. The line didn't break so what happened? Next thing you know a sea lion that has been following from the shore jumps out of the water with the yellow in its mouth. Absolutely worst way to lose a fish. I haven't gone fishing since then and its been 3 years and counting.

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