1. Coming from a combo sensitive skin type gets red/hives like easily; recommend using a very little amount like 1/5-1/4 pea size with 2-3 layers of buffering and moisturizer as needed...only apply tret again if your face feels almost normal.... Slowly increase the amount and reduce buffer/moisturizer layer depending on how skin feels the morning after tret. I woke up with a pink & irritated face for the first 2 weeks (2x/week) even tho I applied 1/4 ps between 5-6layers (soothing gel, lotion, cream and top off cream+ Vaseline to calm down the itchiness) After 6 weeks, I'm using 1/2 ps (3x/week) just buffering with lotion... P.s Sorry English is not my first language; was given the .05 cream (Taro brand)

  2. Did you apply tret everyday? I was told to do it everyday for 2 weeks :(

  3. Difficult to say if the side effect will go away for your particular sensitive skin type. I'm surprised that your dermatologist prescribed your 0.05% knowing your highly sensitized skin. The side effect of tretinoin is known as retinization. When you skin is retinizing it means that it's growing more retinoic receptors to carry the retinoic acid (tretinoin) into your skin cell. The retinoic acid molecules that are not carried into your skin cell sit on top of your skin and causes the irritation that you will be experiencing. Other irritations you may be experiencing is sensitivity, burning, itchiness, and purging (acceleration of acne from deep inside the pores outward - AKA, your acne will get worse before it gets better. This is why the strategy to slowly get your skin to acclimate to tretinoin is frequency and quantity.

  4. You know what it's weird because my prescription says to use once a day, for 2 weeks. What's going on...

  5. Hi I noticed that we have the same skin type. I was wondering if you found a good moisturizer that works well for you. My skin is very oily and its mainly pink. But with humidity it gets better.

  6. instead of moisturizing, i just wash my face with water in the morning, and use la roche toleriane face cleanser at night when i bath. that's it. the less i put on my skin ,the better, due to sensitivity.

  7. How is la roche toleriane working for you?

  8. Have you looked into international marriage in Denmark? None of you need to be a resident there to get married

  9. Even though there our countries available for us to get married. We are not able to because our faith forbids us from marrying the same gender.

  10. I see the religious discrimination case you would likely be trying to build to challenge what the government says if it falls in line with all the comments here. I just want to encourage you to reflect how much disposable income you have to fight this, and how many years you are ready for this to drag out for. Yes your lawyer can probably make the argument, but they are going to charge you every step of the way and there is a low chance it will work out despite their efforts, based on how conjugal sponsorship is meant to be used.

  11. Absolutely cute!! Goodluck. Please update us :)

  12. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  13. With Datamedica (test going back to Canada)

  14. Hey! Do I have to fill up the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) to go there and BACK TO CANADA?

  15. Best trip I had I stayed in Florence. Took train to Rome Venice etc. Love Florence

  16. Any recommendations while in Florence?

  17. Ah, I'm jealous! I'm thinking about doing the work remote thing next spring/summer but sort of dreading the adjusted hours

  18. Yes, you need a negative antigen (rapid test) 72 hours prior to arriving in Italy. We flew with Air Canada and it was checked/required before leaving Toronto. Wasn’t asked for at all when we got to Rome. Make sure you have your vaccination records on you too. People ask for this to take the train, going to attractions, restaurants, etc. Have fun!

  19. Rapid Test is okay? It doesn't have to be the one from Shoppers for $250?

  20. Welcome to the club. At least they let you use the appeal form. Some of us have been banned from using it after the first attempt. By the recent increase of cases it looks like something has changed in their algorithms and they're banning more people. All you can do is wait and live as if your Instagram never existed. They might give it back to you. I and a few others have managed to use the Facebook support live chat and the answer is usually "Send the form and just wait".

  21. Awww!! It's good that you were still able to make the trip before it all happened :)

  22. BHA and niacinamide don’t cancel each other out. The pH of niacinamide products isn’t basic. It ranges from acidic to neutral.

  23. I would say yes it’s normal for the skin to get a little red when using both niacinamide and BHA. Just watch your skin, and if it gets continually red and irritated, maybe use either product less frequently.

  24. My skin looks darker after doing Paula's choice for two days now 😭

  25. I've never found falsetto to be exerting. So I'm not sure what you mean.

  26. Falsetto like the super free airy type that Mariah does.

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