1. I think its weird we need to shop sales to get medicine. we probably want to address that ;)

  2. Well if it gets passed to have it regulated like Liquor Control, then this could be where they could step in and have state minimum pricing like they do on beer products, actually this keeps the big boxes from putting all the small mom and pops out of business, if we did not have this in Ohio they would be the only ones selling beer products. Businesses can sell for more than state minimum but not less, but customers notice this right away if one place is selling for more. Right now it’s just an understood rule to sell product at double what they paid for it in cannabis, So Cultivators really set the prices, but they also give bigger discounts to dispensaries for larger orders.

  3. Company is partnered with Firelands Scientific in Ohio and they are one of the top cultivators with quality products in Ohio, plus they really care about community, sustainability etc.

  4. Down here in Cincy, Sunnyside has people wait in the lightning and thunderstorm. The headline literally rights itself if something ever happens and I cannot believe no one at Sunnyside corporate has considered this.

  5. Same at Columbia Care in Marietta, standing out in the blazing sun, also on a busy street , intersection so it’s not very discreet standing out there for all to see, must be some kind of Hipaa violation here.

  6. Definitely would like to try this place out. Does anybody know if they still stack the discounts?

  7. Lumify seriously takes the read out for 8 hrs, but they are expensive.

  8. These strains are going to fire, this company is hooked up with Firelands Scientific in Ohio and they have top shelf strains. Glad to see them finally opening.

  9. Employees get first dibs especially if it’s something popular, they will place the online order and it could sit there for a week before they got paid to buy, I tried to stop this but upper mgt was incompetent. Mostly the GM were allowing it, and it was wrong but they wanted the employees to be their buddies at work and off work.

  10. He is the largest shareholder as CEO and founder, most of that number is just a conversion of shares. The other bit is a buyout package to step down and not be the CEO of the new company. I imagine that is normalish for a merger of two decent sized companies.

  11. Yep Steve White of Harvest Health and Recreation has millions now and still President of Trulieve.

  12. You need the ID you registered with the Dr when getting you card, that’s the ID that OARRs connects patient and medical card, unless you have been to that dispensary and the have you in the data base with DL # then they can copy paste it in Oarrs but if they really don’t know you, you will have to update your ID with the Dr.

  13. This is what happens when one of the biggest MSO comes into a state and thinks they can do whatever they want, Ohio had the same company before they were bought out by Trulieve try to do the similar antics, thats why it took them 3 1/2 years to open, looks like they left a few from the old company continue to think they can skirt state laws.

  14. There is a place in logan in hocking county. Ive been going there since i was a child. I assure you it is the best in the area.

  15. Seen the place while passing through on way home from work. That strip mall was built in 2019 (not 'brand new'), if there was a restaurant there before Rapid Fired...you can back bets 5 to 1 that it is, in fact, infested with roaches, at the very least; comes with the territory of owning a food service business, almost anywhere, and most especially near river towns (pBurg, eTTa, belFry, etc.). Also, there really isn't a reason to be toxic and call someone 'idiot' I mean, unless you have a serious counter-point (which you don't on this; stick to waxing your chain, fam)...please, resist the urge to label someone with negatives. Same goes for

  16. It will smell real good when the Cannabis dispensary opens besides it soon!

  17. Who are you Hillfire, Verano, Harvest Care Medical, Country Grown

  18. That’s Verano brand for dispensaries, they have a grow and processor license so must be getting close to first harvest! Big MSO from Illinois.

  19. Funny the have a bigass generator 🤔. Maybe wifi?

  20. Harvest had some weird legal battles that caused that, having to do with claiming that they're a black owned business (the three in ohio are, but Harvest as a whole isn't) which lead to the long wait to open. It shouldn't regularly take that long.

  21. Harvest of Oh, is not affiliated with the previous Harvest Health and Recreation aka Trulieve now.

  22. Meaning they have to be open within that timeframe or lose their license - I think.

  23. Not necessarily the 270, if getting permits, code enforcement, local inspections etc, causes delays they can ask for extension, but with the money being invested they will want to get open as soon as possible.

  24. Sorry I’m still laughing at “drug companies don’t market to patients”. You can’t be serious.

  25. Exactly every other commercial on TV with mind numbing songs.

  26. https://www.pharmacy.ohio.gov/Forms/Complaint.aspx

  27. That’s a dispensing error and dispo would get a fine or warning from BOP if not fixed.

  28. It’s going to be a very bumpy year until Sept 24-27 already look at the signs very volitale market, supply chain on last thread, oil prices through the roof ( US cannot sustained price of oil over $100 ) they are predicting $150-175 barell, famine in Africa, major drought in 3/4 of US . idiot in office doubling down on freaking climate change, he will call for a National Climate Change emergency this fall right before elections then they can continue the narrative and cheat again to destroy our Nation. One world order? Will God show us his mercy or his wrath for being an anti God nation. It will be determined this year.

  29. Yeah it's shitty most dispensaries won't replace a defected product especially because you spend You're harder money on it.

  30. It’s called paperwork, whenever a product is returned and put through the POS and State tracking correctly according to BOP, lots of steps involved including quarantine of item, destruction of item, more paper work, getting their $$ back from vendor.

  31. Oh I know It's a lot of red tape and a lot of bs. But the biggest problem is they just really don't care cuz it's you problem not their problem. There's no such thing as customer care anymore

  32. Trulieve in WV has no problems with any returns as of now, but they are only selling their products at this time, once more cultivation comes on line we will see. I believe they were awarded a provisional license in Ohio Columbus area Maybe another one also but not for sure. They just don’t have a grow in Ohio, but $$ talks!

  33. Carry all you want. When you BUY a gun you fill out a NICS ( background check) at the gun shop, it asks you a serious of questions including do you use federally illegal drugs ? If you answer no and then it’s found out you have a MMJ card - YOU LIED and can be convicted of lying on a federal form.

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