1. Thats not cool dude. We should be more inclusive.

  2. Actually we have a record of a roman dude warning that swamps are full of tiny infectious creatures. We have no clue how he knew, though.

  3. I don’t know; presumably it doesn’t work, because not enough interconnectedness. Although I might have butchered it; it might actually be for each continent. But then I imagine by now it would be the entire world, spare some empty places.

  4. Yanderes aren't real, in IRL it's called "psychotic bitch"

  5. In in real life. Yes. The grammar is strong with this one

  6. We just celebrated our six month anniversary of moving from London to Bergen,, and we were surprised to find the expenses mostly balance out (although this is the experience of someone living in these cities, not holidaying there).

  7. What are you talking about with the electricity? It's super expensive. The European electricity market has screwed up ours

  8. The price has increased from under 30 øre to over 1 krone 70 øre

  9. Just think logically. If Ukraine used a Russian missile, they wouldn’t attack their best ally, even if they wanted to provoke Article 5. And if they accidentally hit Poland that wouldn’t make much sense either, Russia is on the other side

  10. So probably it would have been a Russian rocket that was aimed wrong by incompetent Russian personnel

  11. I can see the tought behind that. Same goes for spacing. This has be come my biggest fear know.

  12. The therapist after he's done helping you get over your trauma from you being raped but your card declines:

  13. Hi. I can't stay but well done on the poem. Just wanted to say hi

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