1. Agreed on the blueberry cookies. Terps on it are off the charts

  2. Where can I find this? Been looking all over. Can only find shake

  3. Also when they say “shake” is that small bud or just like leaf? I found blueberry cookie shake

  4. RSO by Verano has been my go to. Put some on my kiva gummies and 💥💥💥.

  5. Excuse my arrogance what is rso and how do you use it? Someone mentioned syringe ?

  6. Was at escape last night message me can meet next time

  7. I use the chrome extension wallet for staking. That's pretty good imo. Also use metamask for dapps like viperswap.

  8. I chose to go with the harmony one chrome extension as you mentioned and after two days already staked plenty of one. Question is there a way to setup 2fa for the chrome harmony wallet that I’m staking in? A simple pw doesn’t seem secure?

  9. When I put contract into pancake swap also won’t Pull anything up

  10. Having issues with trust wallet connecting to platform from website anyone else’s ?

  11. Why would you invest life savings into something?

  12. New to this. How long does the process takes and any doctors anyone recommends in the NEO area?

  13. Price is pumped, binance do this regularly, their wallet is staking and they’re getting a higher return because of this, from YOUR coins.

  14. But it shows I can trade it just not withdrawal. If they let me trade it why couldn’t I withdraw it. Either way they loose Me staking

  15. I've swapped for xlm and sent xlm to kucoin and then swap back, wasn't too bad

  16. Ridiculous for $3000 It does it 5x a day. Is there a fix?

  17. Harmony mainnet coin is the ONE you want 🙂. Same ONE you buy on Binance. Kucoin used to have a pre-mainnet ONE token (ERC20 version) before Harmony had its own blockchain; this is why you get that message when on Kucoin. It's a standard message, you are good to go as long as both addresses in the transaction begin with "one1" 💪.

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