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  1. There can never be enough champions. NEVER

  2. Big Mom vs Law and kid threw haki entirely out the window from what we saw….it was something different but I really wanted to see her use conquerors

  3. Her not using advanced coc against kid and law is a big plot hole

  4. ...and then you finished reading wano, in wich luffy proves kaido wrong by beating him with his df abillity?

  5. He beat kaido with a giant haki fist infused with advanced coc.

  6. Delete the Game. Then download it again because u are addicted

  7. the Blacks are the liberals and the greens the conservatives, modern audiences are going to find it a lot easier to be on team black considering that their values are much more inlined with ours

  8. In the end, it's all a power struggle. It's not like one is purely good and the other is purely bad!

  9. Daemon killed his wife in cold blood and people still love the fuck out of him

  10. Well Luffy's probably asexual, jimbes a true gentleman and choppers in to furries or something

  11. I mean it's pretty obvious batman is smarter. Not to downplay superman but overall intelligence is batmans whole thing just like Lex luthor or Tony stark. If superman was as smart or close to being as smart as batman that would make superman a mary sue. Superman is highly intelligent but not as intelligent as batman and it should stay that way

  12. HE probably wants the one piece. And since only a pirate can find the one piece he would want to keep as many alive as possible so that one of them eventually finds it and than HE can steal it. Typical villian shit

  13. Those are comic book side characters

  14. I wonder how people would react if they made a non white Jesus movie

  15. Nah him being called a hero only made them cope harder

  16. In order to be rocks he would need a crew of top teirs capable if being yonkos themselves. I think cross guild is more closer to rocks since they have 3 warlords and maybe even more in the future

  17. Idk man tiny Mihawk is pretty cool

  18. Blackbeard crew is dark af lmao. Catarina probably has a macabre collection of heads in the ship and Vasco is most definitely a rapist. I guess this is why they were all the way in level 6 at Impel Down.

  19. Sanji the pervert vs Vasco the rapist. Their fight will be legendary

  20. Batman is Aman of disapline.....if he made it easy for himself in Gotham....he would get weaker nd lose his touch ...

  21. People are fucking dying in Gotham and batman deliberately making him self weaker on purpose?

  22. Considering the amount of shit batman can do I struggle to call that man human.

  23. Star guardian senna is glorious. Her best skin yet

  24. Kboy is a marine and was attacking the island to begin with. Rayleigh isn't some fucking super hero who saves everyone. What happens between koby and BB does not concern rayleigh

  25. He literally didn't fucking do anything

  26. Nah man, I really loved Koby this chapter. He was doing his duty very professionally, he stood his groud even against an Emperor. His character development is one of my favourites in the series

  27. Yah I agree hes alot better than before. But that still wasn't enough he should have done more.

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