1. Need Pittman and the Muth to outscore Taylor by 12. Not feeling that great

  2. I have a fission wave that if I ever loose I will quit disc golf. We have some longer wooded courses that that thing is money on.

  3. Fairhope AL has East LA Fadeaway which is always a good time.

  4. We’ve got a few great ones here in Nashville - The Stolen Faces, Tennessee Dead, Bobby’s Shorts, Nashville’s Dead

  5. I go see the Stolen Faces everytime they come to mobile,AL. Saw them play Halloween weekend at this old haunted hotel called The Malaga Inn

  6. I’d have to say, those discs you see that are left on a basket, with a message asking you to throw on the next hole for a deceased buddy/disc golfer someone else knew. 😥 those hit pretty hard.

  7. We had one of those for a friend that got stolen. Made another one to replace it and it got stolen a week later. Hopefully it was just some little kids in the park and not another disc golfer

  8. Sometimes these discs say to take it to the next course and throw it for a hole, respect the vibe, and leave it after the next [hole]. I've done that.. maybe why they "disappear" moving on to the next course?

  9. This one specifically said to keep it at that course. The guy pretty much played that course everyday so we wanted one of his disc to keep flying there.

  10. thinking of selling him for amari

  11. That’s who I’m looking to trade him for. Already have Barkley, Henry and Jamaal Williams and need some wr help until Chase gets back

  12. I have him in one league and playing against him in another. I guess it's a wash.

  13. Same here. Need a win in the league in going against him in more so I’m happy about it

  14. I also do not care for her music AT ALL. she likes AJR. That music makes me angry. like I have a visceral reaction to music like AJR.

  15. Anyone have any idea what the Mobile venue will be?

  16. My sister works for events at the Convention center and they do the booking for the Saenger and Civic center. She just said they haven’t heard which one it will be but I would have to think it’s the civic center.

  17. I can’t fucking wait. My sister is an events coordinator for the convention center and they do the booking for the Civic Center and the Saenger and I know they had been working on getting him back in Mobile for a while. So awesome to finally see it finalized. I told her idk who she needs to threaten but I need tix for both nights.

  18. Try and Trade AJ Dillon and Dj Moore for breece hall?

  19. I’d def try but I wouldn’t make the trade if I owned Hall

  20. I wouldn’t with the Kamara rib injury right now. And you have to think Hollywood will be more inconsistent with DHop back eventually. Give Henry and ARob a couple more weeks to judge. You’re already set with 3 WRs that you can start over ARob.

  21. Yep. I’m a Henry owner myself. I know they look rough now but he historically does get better as the season goes on. Have to hope they can stay in games though.

  22. I wear altra lone peaks for the toe room because I have big stupid flat ass feet and they are amazing. Will say that disc golf wears them out quickly but I like the idea that they are an investment for my comfort

  23. I love the lone peaks and have had good luck finding slightly used pairs on Mercari. I have 3 pair and I think I got all 3 for less than $130

  24. Yeah I was leaning that way. Im happy w Pittman, ARSB and Bateman being my 3 wr but man having waddle w them is really tempting lol

  25. I’m pretty sure I have a orange and green axiom paradox and tenacity. Won’t know for sure till tomorrow since I’m headed back to Alabama from Colorado

  26. Should I drop McKenzie for Williams as the swift owner. Normally I would’ve already done it but we get 1pt per 10 return yards. Also I have Henry, saquon and Edmonds as my other rbs

  27. I have Travis Kelce and accidentally got auto drafted Zach Ertz. I'd like to shore up my WR group and Julio Jones cleared waivers. Drop Ertz for Julio? My league doesn't like to trade.

  28. Yes def do that. Julio will be the clear #2 while Godwin is out.

  29. 12 team 0.5 PPR. I need to upgrade running backs, I'm worried about Aaron Jones.I give up Aaron Jones, Brandin Cooks and Hollywood Brown.I receive Allen Robinson, Nyheim Hines and Derrick Henry.--Hoping ARob is a buy low that nets me close to Cooks. Hines in place of Hollywood Brown is bad, but I think getting Henry for A.Jones is worth it. Thoughts?

  30. Yeah I’d do that. Dillion looks like he is going to lower the ceiling on jones and we all know what Henry can do. You also have to think that the rams are smart enough to know they have to get ARob involved

  31. Agreed. Which would you do-- the original trade or Aaron Jones for Breece Hall and Elijah Moore?

  32. Looking to add Hilliard and J Williams since I have swift and Henry. Which 2 should in drop out of Woods, McKenzie and Pickens. My other WR are Pittman, Amon St Brown, A Rob and Bateman. My other Rbs are Saquon and Edmonds

  33. I took Ekeler at 3 instead of Jefferson. Don't get me wrong. I think I'll be happy with Ekeler overall this season but Jefferson is just out of this world at this point.

  34. Dude I’m out league has a raging boner for Ekeler and took him at 1.01. He’s already regretting it

  35. Saquon Barkley is a winner. I get he was a 2nd, maybe 3rd, round pick. There was alot of questions if he even gets close to an elite level again. He showed today he is back. And the best part, it seems like alot of teams drafted him as a RB2, thats insane value going forward.

  36. My league seemed to think saquon had passed away and I got him late 3rd as my 3rd rb behind Henry and Swift. Now if they can all just stay healthy

  37. Big Beach brewing in Gulf shores AL has a Dead cover band there a few times a year and streamed every night of the bakers dozen a few years back

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