1. He can still get it, hes just going to get 200+ kills amd assists... too easy for our washed up ADC from the Talent Suppression Machine... on a serious note, he better stop inting!

  2. It's showing up on Reddit for me, but yea looks like she deleted it from Twitter.

  3. Any confirmation on whether she actually has a niece in Japan? Cause I call bs

  4. I would apply, since I have the Madden play calling experience but... shitty schools with a history of negativity in the program just ain't my thing...

  5. Unsarcastically, Morris is actually really good and deserves to either start or be one of the first options off the bench. I like calling up Euro based players, but I can't ignore a player who has been tearing things up in MLS.

  6. It's actually pretty insane given he isn't even playing the role he started at... maybe play hin as a winger for the USMNT, hell least you know he will track back

  7. How fucking DARE he die once. Completely unacceptable from a player of his caliber. Wtf is he practicing with all of his "training" and "hard work"? How to catch an Ori ult from a player named after a fucking amphibian? It's like Jack pays him to just fucking die. I mean jesus christ, how can I be a fan of a team that has an Attack Damage Carry that just simply dies. I'm really questioning my fandom right now and I cannot under any circumstance be a fan of Cloud9 if this godforsaken player named Zven is still on the roster.

  8. Fuck 18 and 0 we aint losing a game all year... including worlds bois we hawt!!!!

  9. Palafox and Diamond seem like the only decent players... but Inori looks so OG sooo

  10. Yeah I say we win the split and everything before we talk about no competition... I mean it's looking great so far and I really want to believe the hype but lets actually do it over a split before we get too out of control... That being said I actually think we might be the best matchup for G2 between the LCS and LEC... so hopefully we go to MSI and get ti see that matchup. Probably the cleanest NA team I have seen as well.

  11. Dammmmm. Sonnnn thats ooooh shit, took their souls.... Soaz face when he kept getting it oushed in by our Locorice here would be amazing

  12. Ults the knw guy he can't 1v1... I know he trolls NA alot but he did makes solid points about the game state... no reason for C9 to group mid when Licorice got caught out... other than that like he said, game was ez4C9.

  13. He actually argued against his own point. If you get Azir's mid turret down early he is a way less effective champ. So they use herald on mid to accelerate the game state and put Azir behind.

  14. Yeah but he was saying they didn't need to push with 5 if you just rotate and play the map correctly they woukd have acheived the same game state.

  15. Zardes beyter than Sargeant is the most laughable take ever contrived by dimbass mls fuck bois...

  16. Hey I just want to say everyone jumping too conclusions and making those posts about Thooorin being wrong about the team should probably slow there role. Renegades aren't some world beater and we got completely out matched tactics wise.... Hopefully the boys can show up at the IEM event and get some confidence and momentum going but....

  17. I mean I still don't know how you spot the ball a full foot past where he lands but whatever, we had chances and I don't know how in your right mind you punt the ball expecting to get the ball back on 4th down, when our defense is pure garbage. Need to get some youth at linebacker with bobby.

  18. Harbaugh never lost to App St

  19. Neither did Carr when Jake Long played on the team.

  20. Yall ever thought that if he brings in a new qb that maybe the ones we have can't cut it? I mean they couldn't beat out Shea

  21. He recruited them, so that is on him. If he can't select and develop QBs, we're doomed.

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