The phrase "Americans don't have culture" is a testament to how successful and widespread American culture is.

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Johnny Depp's reaction to a bizarre psychologist who claims to have evaluated Johnny Depp's cognitive abilities based on his performance in Pirates movies

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  1. Languages, Elections, Grammar, Opera, Salamanders

  2. What’s your objection to salamanders? Not dry enough for ya? Typical nonsense.

  3. Next time we wont store cinder blocks on toilet paper shelves.

  4. So the vast majority of people do not identify as either?

  5. Absolutely! Many vegetables can be slow cooked into pastes and Jam-like consistencies. You can turn eggplant into a spread, root vegetables, maybe experiment

  6. Wow, are the Cambodians going to get Kissinger next?

  7. If they did it on Easter Island I'd be impressed.

  8. The one time those little arms might be good for something...

  9. When you treat "unskilled" labor as a commodity

  10. It makes sense if you like, you know, actually read the article.

  11. Just every day interactions. People at the grocery store and stuff.

  12. I get that. Can't talk to anybody without people thinking there's some intentions. Like whatever happened to making random conversation?

  13. I don't know. Maybe people are just readapting to post covid, if it even is post covid.

  14. Yeah but I would argue almost every country has produced something that is a part of everyone’s everyday lives.

  15. We wouldn’t have jeans, Pringles, or commercially available mozzarella without Latvia. Admittedly that seems to be all the noteworthy things they’ve done.

  16. Why are you asking us? Read the reviews and I think you’ll get your question answered immediately from people that have actually purchased and used it!!

  17. I thought it would be fun to rag on this piece of shit fryer but I forgot that everyone on Reddit is a humorless space alien.

  18. If you want commercial quality gotta pay 💰 commercial prices

  19. Lol, I never said I want that. I'm just making fun of this piece of shit fryer. You think you're a genius for pointing out that better things cost more?

  20. Each time I fail to think about death, I have the impression of cheating, of deceiving someone in me.“

  21. “We do not rush toward death, we flee the catastrophe of birth, survivors struggling to forget it. Fear of death is merely the projection into the future of a fear which dates back to our first moment of life.

  22. If he wants more Russians then maybe he should go after the people making them too poor to have children.

  23. That shrink looks like Donald Fagan at a cocaine buffet.

  24. I got their mailer, was mildly interested in a Chinese holiday performance, googled it, aaaand fuck that.

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