My brothers doorbell working as intended lol

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  1. That citric paint remover, I believe, only removes a single layer at a time since it works on the outside. You could do a test spot and see if it works, then carefully apply the rest where you need it

  2. I'm worried about the four separate pipes going through the wall there... what are they discharging into? Is there a sewer main on the other side that they're all draining into, or is it just a hole in the ground, or what?

  3. I don’t know anything about plumbing, but shouldn’t there be a a big tube or something coming through the wall they connect into?

  4. i also think its pretty funny.

  5. What don’t you miss? I have the same, but I love your green ano

  6. Mainly the bearings. It was my main flipper when I had it, and also my edc so the almost daily teardown to clean all the metal dust (from work) and dirt and shit to keep it flipping smoothly was too much. For what I do, bushings are king

  7. Totally makes sense! Bushings are pretty tight. I honestly can’t tell which I like better for flipping. I’ll have to buy a couple more to tell…

  8. Now play nice guys. It’s okay to like one or the other, or even both.

  9. It’s common for other enthusiast vehicles like mustangs too!

  10. Solid deal. I drive a similar year es300 and always wish it was a LS haha

  11. I read all of them and I think know less than I knew before

  12. Awesome that you have an example of each wood type used. I think beech wood and walnut? Seeing your two K31s make me wish I bough both of them on the shelf years ago for $350!

  13. Actually I think they are both walnut. The lower stock is dated 1941 which is in the walnut era. I think beech starts being used in 1946. Does anyone else have an opinion about the lower stock? Walnut or Beech?

  14. Ah gotcha. Beautiful grain, especially the top one. Where can you still get one that price?

  15. Wonderful collection! I love wheel guns. I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of flip flops though to flex on those auto shooters. ;D

  16. True. It’s hard to believe how much faith people have in the media and what they’re being told about everything, including that war, after being lied to so many times.

  17. What pisses me off is people who have no cultural context or experience with the cultures, talking about them like they know anything.

  18. For sure. Putin and Russia’s motives are very different than what the west thinks. I don’t even pretend to understand it though I don’t even know a Russian.

  19. Yup, some people that would really mentally fuck up, thinking they may come back and you're powerless.

  20. A lot of people it does. I’ve never been raided but have been harassed by cops like that. Calling me a Fing liar, ex. Young girl cop most likely hasn’t worked out daddy issues.

  21. I'm in the UK but Police are police everywhere, I had a whole deal with a neighbour from hell who would constantly lie and get drunk and have her friends intimidate my wife when I wasn't in etc.I called the police and they were great, super helpful and they deescalated it and left... Then my neighbour called the police made a load of shit up, some other police came and were literally threatening to beat me on my doorstepI was saying "You guys have just left, call the station and ask who was here they'll explain it"

  22. Yeah, any job with authority there will be corrupt people. Not trying to argue if police are corrupt or not but no matter there will always be some that abuse that power. That’s why there needs to be training and checks and balances on police

  23. You all get triggered way too easily. Like I give a shit about some random chicks sexual life.

  24. Be careful there’s women out there that will suck you dry. They love going after white nights

  25. Those bat wings are a cat costume! My man just out here in Walmart buying cat costumes and gets accosted by this People of Walmart demon that's having an overstim meltdown. Bless him, I'd be confused too...

  26. Day 98… they still think I’m made by dewalt

  27. Looks like my baby sorry for your loss. Hope you get something sweet! Is there any frame damage? It looks mostly cosmetic but I’m not an expert

  28. Part of the engine bay got pushed a little to the side as in the battery, cabin air filter, but no your absolutely correct as so far we don’t believe there’s any frame damage. Also peeped your car on your page it is a beauty! Watch out for idiots on the road lol and I pray the same dosent happen with your Lexus!

  29. That’s good. Hopefully you can get it fixed or another Lex. Thanks! There’s some rust from Michigan salt roads but not too bad. Mostly just on the suspension components. Around here I’m sure it’ll get hit before it dies

  30. Great pit stop spot when your mowing or shoveling in the winter

  31. Maybe slap a used tea bag on it. Go0od as new!

  32. ours was a canadian cars so it was metric. it had 239k kilometers. Whats the difference bewteen the coach edition and the normal ones?

  33. I’m not sure what the other trim levels had but leather heated seats, wood wheel and dash/around shifter, sunroof, alloy rims, probably others haha.

  34. I also have an 01 es300 coach with 165k! 165,570 to be exact. Unfortunately I just got into an accident with an inexperienced driver who didn't look before turning. Luckily insurance is covering the repairs so it's not a total loss and will be back on the road soon

  35. All I can think of is all the time I spent trying to climb the mountains and spending more time then going around it.

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