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  1. Do you use a q frame or how do you work with such big pieces Of fabric?

  2. I found the bat today too 🥹 I got an extra pumpkin bird. I am waiting to see if someone on here wants it but if they don't I can send it to someone else.

  3. omg I need the pumpkin one! Do you still have it?

  4. I do. I haven't heard back from the person I originally talked to.

  5. Where did you get the pusheen needle minder!!

  6. If you aren't in the ME department, do you have to submit a registration override? It's only my second semester here but I've already been advised to not take any controls courses in the AE department.

  7. Yeah I had to submit the request. Still waiting for them to process it. Did people mention why they were recommending to not take the AE controls classes? My MS is in AE so I’m curious to know lol

  8. I got an email from the ME department saying they will process the override requests on Friday. I'm doing my PhD in AE and everyone I've talked to about controls advises me against the AE version of the class. One of the main reasons being is that it's almost entirely theoretical mathematics. Humorously, I've been told they want to melt everyone's brains with control theory. My research also tells me that the AE professors are really really difficult. If you look at the grade distribution for all the classes, the AE version has a 30-40% drop rate and only like 14% get A's. I was also told you'll learn more useful stuff in the ME version. Hopefully we both get in!

  9. Well that's disappointing :/ I was in an info session yesterday with one of the controls professors and he said the same thing - the AE controls classes are theoretical and they focus on proofs. One of the main reasons I wanted the MS in AE was to learn more about controls but in a practical way. What do you think you'll do regarding controls classes going forward?

  10. Hello, I'm not an expert in any way but it kind of sounds like OCD. It's when a person has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions) and/or behaviors (compulsions) that he or she feels the urge to repeat over and over (taken from

  11. I second Project Hail Mary. Impossible to put down

  12. If you want more space-themed books, I'd recommend {{Project Hail Mary}}

  13. Definitely {{The Midnight Library}} and maybe {{The Humans}}

  14. That's weird.... but yeah it just needs to be bolted back up, who knows maybe it's just held in with plastic push pins. I would at least fully remove it until you can reattach it. If you don't have the push pins or bolts and don't want to remove it then use some zip ties I guess.

  15. I was just about to ask if maybe someone did it intentionally. I honestly doubt it because I live in a pretty safe place where nothing like that really happens but who knows. Is there a way to check if something is missing? I don’t really know anything about cars. Or could it be caused by hitting/scaring the bottom of the car with bumps or things on the road?

  16. Omg how did he discovered he liked that! Lowkey wanna do it with my cat

  17. I think it more depends on what size hoop/q snap you are comfortable holding and/or working with. I like to use a 7 inch hoop. I might need to move it everyday, but within that size is about all I would stitch in a day anyway.

  18. Since the 6 inch hoop is smaller than the fabric, would that cause any issues to the fabric/any stitches in place? I’m not sure if it would ruin the stitched if they happen to get lodged between the outer and inner hoop for example

  19. For me I first consumed all Heartstopper content possible (rewatching the show, rereading the comics, reading the novellas, reading social media posts, watching interviews, etc). Then slowly over time I just started doing it less and less. I got to the point where I could listen to the soundtrack without crying lol. I’m not sure what it was for me but I think it was just time? I know, not a very helpful answers but that was my experience!

  20. Thank you so much! Your answer has been so helpful and reassuring. I will definitely wait patiently as I am sure time will make me feel better.

  21. No problem! I feel like this sub has also helped a ton since it’s very active and you can see how others are going through a similar thing :)

  22. I think it’s just their styles. Charlie always wears white converse and Nick wears vans :p

  23. Nice job! Did you use a frame to keep the fabric taut? Or how exactly did you manage to stitch on such a big piece of fabric?

  24. I love this! Not sure how to do it but I’m down

  25. Im the novel he’s actually quite nice in that first interaction

  26. I was wondering what it would’ve looked like with the original song they wanted!! Thank you so much for this

  27. Go read them now!!!! You won’t regret it. And they’re free on tapas or webtoons

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