1. Put their finger in ur mouth, take it out, hold the mouth position and SPRINT to the jewelry store. Point at mouth and have jeweler measure it!

  2. Southside barbell is where it’s at. 24 hour gym on the smaller side and it’s never real busy. It’s a good place to get in and get out honestly

  3. When I started it was around $50 for the membership itself and then it’s just $10 a month following that

  4. Hey! I had some of these didn’t get a chance to put them on, and then my N got totaled lol. I can send you them if you’d like!

  5. If i win these I will crush my friends underneath my feet and make them wish they never played against me

  6. MPPSK if it is compatible with your 2019

  7. I have searched for something similar to your description and found two solutions.

  8. Does your car have the petrol particulant filter (came in around 2019)? If so, BMW wont fit the MPPSK ..just a heads up.

  9. Don't know, but I'm pretty sure my car could've come with the M performance package which would've had it, so I assume it would fit

  10. Yes if your car has particulant filter, MPPSK cannot be installed. Early 2019 may be safe.

  11. Didn’t know there was another Elantra N in around Lakeland. I also have one. Glad you’re ok!

  12. The PS5 system allows for one game and one media app to be simultaneously running, so you can pause your game and switch to Youtube, and then switch back to the game later like nothing happened. However, if you decide to start playing a different game or a different media app, the system will close the previously running game/app to open the new one.

  13. I don't even close the game, i just pause it and put the system to sleep, I don't close the apps either. I think you can have a max of one game and one app open anytime

  14. Tom Hanks, bro. That man does too much. I feel like he is in every other movie I watch.

  15. That looks pretty good! I only have mine to base this on, but the mixing from the bread maker does so the development that it needs. Maybe try a lower hydration (60-65%) to see if that helps with shaping?

  16. I have heard higher hydration is harder to deal with so I think you’re right. And don’t worry hahaha I put flour down bc it needed all the help it could get! Thank you so much! Great recipe :)

  17. Some stores don’t even have the workers to do that though. I was in Target last week and it took 20 minutes for someone to come help even with the little red button.

  18. I heard as well they may have had the GoW bundle for a few days now and are just unable to sell

  19. You need to ask in store. Both the stores I bought PS5s from said they were OOS on their website. Both had stock when I asked in store. The website inventory is only for the stock you can order online, not for the stock in store.

  20. I actually fly to where the camera is and when I get close it looks really funny

  21. I will give the extra one to my friend Cole because he has lost about 3/6 discs he owns to being stuck in palm trees (florida life)

  22. So does this mean it’s impossible for garages/gates like this or is there a work around that requires some coding

  23. Does it wrap around the inside of the bicep? I'd have it wrap all the way, looks good tho

  24. maybe some small designs in the circle where the cross is, looks good overall!

  25. I saw this and was like OOH finally something I can post on forbidden snacks, and then I realized

  26. A meme I will save and cherish, thank you

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