1. I recently saw that Texas is gerrymandered intentionally so that Republicans can't lose even though most of the state's registered voters are Democrat.

  2. Croatia has a parliamentary system of government, like Germany. The country is run in practice by the prime minister and the cabinet and most of the president's duties are ceremonial. Maybe he would have a different attitude if Serbia snatched part of Croatia's territory and said it now belonged to a greater Serbia.

  3. I think they can be recycled ♻️

  4. Pretty sure I read an article about this place last week and it absolutely did not mention the fact they did it to avoid taxes, or that they were warned they’d be cut off. It came off as a pity piece and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why they moved there in the first place. This clears up a lot.

  5. Yup. Heck of an issue for the NYTimes to leave out of the article — not cool.

  6. Because the government requires it. There are laws that protect labor and individuals.

  7. The yanks will then moan about Europe being weak despite a large focus of their foreign policy throughout history being centred around undermining and weakening Europe.

  8. Ukraine is also moaning about underfunded EU defense spending.

  9. That’s creative, but standing will be challenging. The false electors tried to defraud the United States in a despicable fashion, but whether that fraud did any concrete and redressable injury to the real electors in particular is where this suit will live and die.

  10. All the more reason to wonder why Professor Garland isn’t doing his job.

  11. We should not have to coddle society’s morons. Triage those dumbasses to the back of the line.

  12. The US was originally structured in a way that considered each state as it's own country united under a specific set of principles, hence "Federation." But each state practices democracy from local to state level, and democratically elects representatives in the capital, who are supposed to represent the voters.

  13. Exactly. It’s just, “blah blah blah constitutional republic blah blah. Ergo, the votes of certain people shouldn’t count.”

  14. Really don't kill him until trial, it's important that justice needs to be served publicly in legal process

  15. The mafiosi surrounding him who purport to be government members would never let him leave as an ICC defendant.

  16. Oh, absolutely. It takes discipline to walk away from it, now it's become a car crash in slowmotion

  17. Left last week. Unfortunately, everyone’s still using it: politicians, government agencies, sports people, entertainers, et al.

  18. Even though a lot of people will tell you that the 'worst' aristocratic purges of history are the french and russian revolutions, thus 'communist abuses', absolutist kings did massacres and sidelining of ambitious noble factions all the time in the later parts of the 2nd millennium.

  19. My samsonite luggage s wheels are cracked open, not sure why, maybe it's too old? Bought these 9 years ago. Even though it is still under warranty, they told me they no longer carry these wheels. I found various replacement wheels on Amazon but not sure which one will work. On the other hand, seems like I will have to take off the inner lining of the suitcase in order to get to the wheels,' screws. What a pain as I don't know how can I ever sew it back on.

  20. And the wheel might be riveted. If so, even if you cut out the liner (or whatever) to reach the wheel’s fasteners, you might not be able to unscrew it or otherwise remove it.

  21. what's a more backward shithole? GA-14 or CO-3?

  22. true but i think the overall shittiness of grand junction or the straight up ridiculousness of naming a city "Rifle" might make it a wash

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