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  1. Modern society really started to decline when people stopped being ashamed of the porn they watch.

  2. What this creates is car drivers voting for reactionary parties out of spite unfortunately.

  3. So they were never really liberal, just cunts with no moral or ethical backbone?

  4. Looks great for your first settlement, always cool to see new players. I like the death trap you have on the north side of the wall. Some notes, you should build your freezers smaller, instead of needing multiple coolers you should only use one per freezer. You are also going to want to replace all those wooden structures with stone before something or someone catches it on fire.

  5. they do attack without reason tho, that's what i'm trying to tell you. there's plenty of videos showing young pit puppies attacking each other viciously and completely ignoring their litter mates cry of pain. how have they been "raised to be violent" when they're only a few weeks old? most dogs were bred to a specific job: border collies will herd, huskies will pull sleds, beagles will hunt, etc. and pits will attack. that's the unfortunate nature of them. sorry if i'm coming out as rude, but if you're really willing to understand the matter, i could send you a few links to read.

  6. I'm curious to know the environments those puppies were in. In an environment where food was scarce and they had to compete that just sounds like nature. Plenty of other animals do the same thing when in that kind of situation. I'm fine with you sharing links but I don't think you'll be able to convince me to write off an entire breed of dog. I've known several pits and pit mixes that were perfectly well behaved, I get a decent amount of exposure to dogs working in a doggie daycare.

  7. pits can surely be docile, sweet dogs. until they're not.

  8. The same can be said about literally everything

  9. So if he accidentally shoots his bro he shoots his ass not his head.

  10. ackchyually the back guy could stay up and the front crouched and brrrrrrr

  11. Good evening from Indiana, I hope you're day is going well.

  12. I'll be your dad. You're doing a great job living your life in this crazy world. I'm proud of the person you have become.

  13. Have the bandits put a bounty on their heads, "100 gold reward for information regarding the whereabouts of the Dory, 200 gold for Dory herself, 350 for Dory and her liberators." They either have to lie low or skip town. Maybe some of the people that saw the show are willing to help hide them away and then you have a friendly NPC you can have captured to be used as bait or to exchange for Dory.

  14. I miss this show so much. Have a DVD of it somewhere . . . . But. I errrrrrr ubhhhh couldn’t uhhhhh agree with errrrr uhhhhh you-uhhhhh moh-ruhhhhh!

  15. There is currently a reboot in the works with HBO!

  16. Beautiful pup! How old are they? I got a husky puppy a few months ago and she has some brown like yours.

  17. Honestly it looks like you took off too much foliage lower on the branches. The tips kind of looks like pom poms now.

  18. That's fine! It's all part of the journey. I did it myself a couple years ago on one of my trees and it is finally back to a point that I think I can make something of it.

  19. Anyone can attempt to disbelieve an illusion. That means confidently interacting with it in some way that would dispel the illusion.

  20. You know something about walls, huh Donnie?

  21. It's as if you were unable to read, even though you clearly are able to use English.

  22. They removed Finn because China says "fuck black people" which is essentially agreeing with their "fuck black people" sentiment.

  23. Obi Wan gets zapped by lightning and ages like Palpatine did.

  24. Some pranks can also cause fatality and make people think they're in danger, that does not mean idiot pranksters should get their eyes poked out. I don't have much sympathy for the guy getting beat up, but losing an eye is pretty damn extreme. I draw the line at broken bones or castration.

  25. If your prank has people fearing for their life its not a prank, it's bordering on assault. That's a bad argument friend.

  26. Good point, but still doesn't mean they should lose an eye for it. I used to watch those killer clown pranks on youtube years ago and I used to think they were funny, but yeah, in retrospect it was probably a traumatic experience for the victims. It's just that for me personally, my eyes are my most important bodypart, so taking out an eye is the worst punishment I can imagine and mugging people with a fake weapon just does not categorize into a crime that deserves such punishment to me. To me, intent in crime is an important factor in deciding on punishment. If this man wanted to harm the people he was mugging physically, he would've brought a deadly weapon. He just wanted their money. And I don't know why he wanted that money. I don't think stealing is right and I don't think it should go unpunished, but I doubt there's many people who steal for the fun of it. I don't know what his life looks like.

  27. People need money, and without the money he was taking those people could have been put in very hard circumstances. They could have gone hungry, possibly be unable to pay for transportation to and from work, they could potentially have ended up homeless, and then in a situation where they are desperate for money they may rob someone and harm them. Actions have far reaching consequences we can't always see and that guy was more than willing to risk those people's livelihoods if not their lives.

  28. Nice gift, but the name garlic runtz is the most unappealing strain I've ever heard of.

  29. The only really satisfying explanation I can think of would be if she previously had gone through this tunnel as part of her underground railroad escape from Order 66, so she recognized it and knew where it lead. Force tracking/intuition I guess would work, but considering the parkour scene from part 1 I'm inclined to just assume they didn't care. Hope I'm wrong though, thanks for the suggestion

  30. The first thing I thought when she reached out to the scratching on the wall was that she had gone through there before.

  31. Is he in the process of figuring out the proper pricing or did he already develop the best price, offer it as "the ultimate price" because of just how good a price it is, and now must wonder what is wrong with his ultimate price?

  32. My wife is an artist. I tease her about the paint that is always on her, but it is her passion, and so very endearing.

  33. A valuable opinion provided by stranger that knows nothing else about me other than that I said most people would rather survive than die if they had a potential food source in front of them.

  34. No. If you comment on videos of peoples pets saying you want to eat them you’re trash. If you say you’ll eat dogs, you’re trash. If you act like some sort of caveman, fake edgelord… you’re trash. They act like they’re better because they eat meat. They’re not. they’re pathetic, crazy and not safe to be around. and I put them on the same level as crazy PETA vegans. And I say this as someone that eats meat.

  35. The line between pet and food is very blurred depending on where you are at both culturally and economically. In a survival situation where all you have access to is a dog/cat/bunny/something most people consider to be a pet, most people are going to eat it (whether or not they can say it before the circumstance comes about is a different story). That's just the circle of life y'know? And if this statement makes me trash I'll at least have the junkyard dogs to stave off hunger.

  36. She's exactly like me sister and she married her first boyfriend. You just never know.

  37. You have "known" this woman for 30 seconds, the only things you can compare to your sister is her ability to chug and boobs.

  38. Which is it? Is it Japanese, based off Japanese, or inspired by Japanese?

  39. That's three things I listed and you chose both. How demonstrably incorrect could you get bud?

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