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  1. Hope this means BCC gets a female member to wrestle Julia Hart too.

  2. Battletag: SilentSword#18849

  3. Battletag: SilentSword#18849

  4. SilentSword#18849 EU, Need someone to spectate

  5. I just re-watched it months ago, it really doesn't lose to any current animes.

  6. I have not watched it yet. Why did you have to make a title with the spoiler?

  7. I dont hate Steph, but I hate the fact that NBA make it so hard for defense players to guard the three points. Also, although they are on the same team, I think Klay is better than Steph and he got so overshadow by Steph...

  8. My favorite match of all time.

  9. The lights off should only be use by House of Black.

  10. I decided to make a return to Hearthstone in Voyage to the Sunken City Standard, hope I can win this.

  11. I really HATE that stupid card segment, skip it every time.

  12. I never saw him as a pillar. The only pillars I acknowledge are Darby Allin, MJF & Britt Baker.

  13. Been hours since I saw this news and I still don't believe it happened. What a win for the Clippers :)

  14. He's gushing over Britt so much it might bring AJ out of retirement just to start a storyline with her

  15. Adam Cole vs CM Punk for the appetizer :)

  16. People need to treat this more seriously:

  17. I stopped watching wrestling altogether shortly after Punk left WWE. He is my sole reason I got into AEW and it have been a great experience.

  18. Best thing about this, is that Zu gonna pick up some skills from Serge & Cousins. He is still so young and I can see him as Clippers' center for the rest of his career. He and Mann are locked in :)

  19. I love their relationship too. Somewhere in my heart, I still wish they are a couple. But they actually stopped the interaction immediately once Lee Lee Couple was reported. So I was please to see them still interact like old times during Running Man Ep 487(tearing of nametag part). I think it's just to stop people from continue thinking they are a couple or something... They still showed they are close during Running Man Ep 523 :)

  20. Thank you. I agree, this is beautiful, which is why I want more people to see it.

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