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  1. I love the colors! Lime green and royal purple together was such a late-80s & early-90s thing. Makes me remember the old

  2. I was in grade school, i remember every time that style bike went by we’d go “oh my god! A kawasaki ninja!” No matter what brand

  3. I have a plastic grocery back full of old kitchen cabinet hardware

  4. I just used a bunch of mine to make a chicken coop i sold for $500 so there is hope out there people. All scrap wood and sided with the wasted gable cuts of some t-111. Even the roof is a scrap of metal roofing i saved. Its not hoarding if you use it, but personally i think everyone is on the hoarding spectrum somewhere

  5. I’m almost 30 and I will die on the hill of the first 3-4 seasons of SpongeBob are game changing comedic genius

  6. Funny for a nickelodeon cartoon, sure, game changing comedic genius? I dunno. More like they finally dialed rockos modern life or og ren and stimpy into a marketable cartoon. First few seasons were great tho, i especially liked ernest borgnine as mermaid man.

  7. I worked for Volvo for many years......we had a like 16 bay massive workshop.

  8. I didnt even notice it looks like they were working in the wheel well. I always assumed this stuff happens on the initial raise.

  9. Different Ferrari. As far I can google-fu. No family

  10. That’s interesting. Ive seen porsche and lambo tractors before i always figured when you went back far enough these luxury car companies started out making all sorts of engines.

  11. Carpenter for 4 years commercial and residential, never seen trusses like that on a pitched roof

  12. That’s because theyre floor trusses and there is no pitch. Probably has another floor above it. Its just the fish-eye fucking with you. Its not a rake wall its a corner.

  13. Might point it out to him at this point. Already had to do a bunch of extras and fixing things

  14. So yeah the board is split on the truss, which looks like shit, but other than that, those 3 grks should be more than enough to hold that truss. What’s their sheer hold capacity? Not every single truss needs to hold a fucking car up.

  15. Collar ties need to be at least 2/3 of the way down the rafter rise, correct?

  16. Not if you use rafter ties and there is a steel moment frame bolted to the foundation just behind the photgrapher.

  17. Sorry I was under the impression they were being used instead of the PT Lumber in the photo

  18. You wouldnt want them for a raised garden bed, or a playground or walkway is what i understand. I dont know where you get them except stealing them off rail authority property so its never come up.

  19. Holy shit a carpenter with a wood chisel instead of a spud wrench, madness.

  20. Spud wrench? What the hell would a carpenter need a spud wrench for

  21. I could definitely see that happening it’s not the most durable for sure. I’m kind of a hack though, I don’t use mine every day so I may not know what a good chalk box is 😂🤌🏻

  22. I use the shit out of my 2. The aluminum is def heavier duty but i make the plastic ones work. I could see how they could break tho. Definitely more fragile than the classic irwin, there is a little gearbox in the reel that gets all jammed full of chalk, but the line is so skinny and pulls very tight for long snaps, not some 1/8” piece of fucking yarn.

  23. While you’re at it, you should just hire an actual carpenter. Measuring is the most fundamental skill, and if you cannot do that properly, it does not look good for the actual installation. It’s an exterior door. You risk water damage and general unhappiness, and all the fixes are waaaay more expensive than just hiring a skilled person in the first place. Most will handle the entire process, and they won’t mark up the door too much. Plus they’ll order from an actual trade supplier and not Home Depot, so you’ll get better quality for probably the same material costs. Even Jeldwen and Thermatru will be different from a real supplier. Another option is to visit a window and door store and ask them to suggest a contractor to help you.

  24. Yeah i dunno. Sure op is probably gonna fuck up the pan and install the door cockeyed in one or more ways, but so is anyone OP is going to be able to hire to install a door RIGHT NOW, door’s already out might as well finish up.

  25. It is rooted in the New Orleans second line beat – accents on on 1, the "a" of 1, the "and" of 2, the "and" of 3, and 4. Later turned into what we now call the Bo Diddley beat, because it appears in so many Bo Diddley songs, like "Who Do You Love" and, well, "Bo Diddley."

  26. Nice, thank you. Yeah i hear a lot if dixie land in the kick pattern.

  27. The mosquitoes are pretty tame in Acadia. Not so much inland though

  28. Its black fly season now, i live a little over an hour northeast of here. It’s rugged. I have to put a towel on my head to open the chicken coop in the morning. Mosquitos will be next. By july the bugs are pretty tame. Just them dang mooseflys

  29. They’re not the best, and should be a little deeper and with more stone, but yeah, if you want a flooded basement when there is a big storm, take ‘em out.

  30. This is pretty awesome tbh. Keep it for display and switch to the Gretsch head

  31. I would say keep it because it is a great photo (albeit of a horrible tragedy) but im wondering if some of the younger folks know that that is the cover of zepplin 1? Is op in a zepplin cover band

  32. Been playing 10+ years now and I still catch myself heel up (as I’m really short) cuz that’s how I started naturally. I was taught that it’s better to keep your heel down and if you can control that it’s what u wanna be doing, not sure why and now questioning which is better for the long term health of ur ankle but that’s my take

  33. Id say you have ankles of steel if youve been playing heel down for 10+. Whoever taught you that was wrong.

  34. Yah, my 7 year old LOVES boomerangs, but he doesn’t get it that you can really only use it in wide open spaces.

  35. As s throwing weapon yes but the tri-forked must be up there in terms of quick slash weapons. Sometimes when i end up with 2 or 3 i do end up using them like ninja stars more than boomerangs

  36. If you read your manual there will be several things to tune and calibrate. I strongly suggest checking every single one. I wrecked a gorgeous piece of cherry on a new table saw bc I missed one thing.

  37. Hell even when calibrated sometimes i still make my first cut or two with a sloppy 1-2 degree bevel just from things getting jostled during set-up.

  38. I was gonna guess late 80s early 90s f-150 and i still think its weird i know its a ford and what era but not which car specifically.

  39. Yeah, if you choose to not have sex that's just regular celibacy. Or volcel, but that term is asinine and I refuse to use it.

  40. I thought it was asexual? They sure as hell arent splitting into two identical halves

  41. They just get into the parts of your funny bone that big full grown jokes just cant fit anymore.

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