1. Is this individual certain, though ? 🥺🥺🥺 need a pretty lady with a kind voice to tell me to hang my self 🥺

  2. You have forgotten the gasoline that keeps the fire burning: people argue online about how bad the people they hate are, and then trolls looking to fuck with them pretend to be trans/jewish/non white or what have you and make them angrier like the Two Minutes Hate from 1984.

  3. Fuck you I will downvote everything drawn by this fed I LOVE STEALING FROM WAL MART

  4. "Your wand is just a boring normal stick you have no magic blood you cannot even see dementors you will always be a muggle"

  5. i really cant believe they did the eyes like that. i have always seen them like this

  6. There is no actual reason the nose can't be 3D (the actual source of the problem) but they just had to go with that fucked up shading

  7. Not long enough I mean like the shading wouldn't be necessary if it were two or three pixels long

  8. The number of overlapping subcultural references in content these days is unsustainable. I have no idea who this meant for or what it's supposed to make them feel.

  9. well, unlike you nerds, i never blindly followed everything, tho i got into a lot of trouble for dumb things because of it

  10. Your parents must not have verbally berated you or physically abused you for it then. It's very common but you're not supposed to talk about it. This creates people that have a deep seated fear of going against authority that is in constant deadlock with their natural rebellious nature (humanity) and this struggle steals all of their energy that they need to do life stuff. So they just kind of exist.

  11. "Le Réveillé" would be "The Woken Up One", kind of like "The Awakened One"'s lame cousin.

  12. A real French reactionary conservative would just call it "communist bullshit" but in French but I'm sure they appreciate the attempts at worldbuilding.

  13. That's a video of a guy lying on his back apparently(?) armless and legless or somehow restrained in rubber elastic bands of some kind in such a way that hides his limbs from view, while in what appears to be a medical bed of some kind howling in anguish.

  14. This one time I saw this throuple (couple with a third wheel) that were so obviously two alt people and their cuck that was very casually dressed at Costco I almost wanted to go ask them if I was right but I figured that's enabling and the cuck would bust a nut in his sweatpants or something also I only looked at them for a grand total of four or five seconds but you just KNOW

  15. "One time I saw 3 people hanging out and I couldn't stop thinking about them sexually, god I love cuckolding porn so much I'm literally incapable of thinking about anything else, cuck porn is my fucking life"

  16. I use conservative language to make leftist points all the time, because it's super effective with conservatives. Just not as rapey as Andrew Tate.

  17. What a pussy lmao stockpile glass bottles and styrafoam I'll be in charge of explosives

  18. (Target® Loss Prevention chases me down and I narrowly escape them through the automatic doors after I take a lego set and replace it with my half drank coffee on the shelf just like that one movie with the cowboy guy and the nazis)

  19. I be too busy learning how to make meth from wikipedia just mind your business

  20. Official Halloween 2020 "please dear god don't burn my fucking house down" sign. I don't know if it's crazier that they believed they needed a million yard signs to make sure people knew they were liberals and allies like some fucking lamb's blood on passover or that they still have them up.

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