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  1. I’m my opinion almost all American tv shows should be nothing more than mini-series. It’s like they have a great idea for a pilot and 2 or 3 more follow up shows and then it’s a mish mash of “well what if we do this!” and devolves into a shit show salad. Some are lucky enough to pull off 1 maybe 2 good seasons.

  2. These people are so deluded to think they’re that important. Seriously, does he think Clarence Thomas is going to read a headline that Billie Armstrong of Green Day will renounce his citizenship and think “Oh no! What have I done?”

  3. I did that in my basement. My wife refused to believe it would look good, but I just used a projector and traced the local mountains. Painted them black, then a yellow sun, bleeding into orange, then red, orange then violet and blue. Just gotta blend with the brush and it turns out great. Worst case you just paint over it. Now my wife insists on showing guests and everyone thinks I’m an artist, but it’s reeeeal basic.

  4. It kinda turned into an inside joke with the family. Now when she shows up sometimes ppl will joke with her saying "AAAH DONT TURN AROUND" or "IS IT SAFE YET??"

  5. I love mine too. But when this 20 year old was about 12 she came out wearing what my brother called hoochie mamma shorts. He was so pissed he made her go change and bring him the shorts which he proceeded to take a pair of scissors too.

  6. Lol. My 12 year daughter loves them. I bought her two pairs just a few weeks ago.

  7. I’m sure that’s true. And I readily admit I’ve gotten old and I think certain fads are stupid. That being said, ripped jeans are definitely stupid. She has one pair that, honest to goodness, there’s almost nothing to the front of them. Just backs and a couple of measly threads across the front.

  8. 100% In England people used to (and probably still do) call the emergency services because they can't work out how to program a timer to record their favourite TV show. Grow up.

  9. 100% in America people have called 911 to ask the cops to test the quality of the meth he’d just bought.

  10. Check IMDb. I did a quick glance and it doesn’t look like Violet and Adam crossed paths. They were on the show at the same time but never in the same episodes.

  11. Oh I think every little girl had that white and gold bedroom furniture. I moved mine from pillar to post until I finally had to sell it when I was 48. Broke my heart. I didn’t really like it. I’d just had it forever.

  12. Some of my favorites: Wire in the Blood, Line of Duty, MI-5, Touching Evil, Bancroft, Scott & Bailey, The Tunnel, Murphy’s Law, Bloodlands, and Happy Valley.

  13. By MI-5 you probably mean Spooks, just so OP can find it :). AFAIK it was renamed in America

  14. Good point. It is MI-5 here. I forgot about it’s original name.

  15. In Australia this kind of letter would be seen as glib.

  16. I can’t believe I had to scroll so far to see this response. I agree. Glib and unprofessional. I’d be insulted to get this.

  17. It’s strange that McDonald’s Coke tastes so much better. I wonder why. I got a Coke from 5 guys recently and was really disappointed. In fairness they had a Freestyle machine, and I’ve never really liked them. It’s either perfect or weird tasting. But McDonald’s just gets it right every time.

  18. It’s the stainless steel tanks. Or so I’ve read…

  19. Yeah, that’s super interesting. I had to look it up and noticed that as well. Definitely makes sense why it would taste so good

  20. If I want a good burnin’ coke, I’m heading to McDonald’s!

  21. I'm not a vegetable guy either. I hate greens. I don't mind some vegetables but it is such a pain to do anything with them. I need to be better about this.

  22. If you roast most vegetables in a hot oven with oil to where they get nice and crispy, that might change your perspective!

  23. Tried it. It didn’t. I think I’ve literally tried (usually at restaurants) every conceivable way to have them. If it’s green, it just taste like dirt to me.

  24. Shipping and HANDLING. I ordered a nice blouse from an online retailer for an event. It was $65. They were charging $24 for S&H. It was a lightweight blouse. Shipping would have been about $2. So 24 bucks for HANDLING!!

  25. Also they say it’s commercial free radio but you get commercials for the radio station you are currently on all the time.

  26. I know! Not to mention all they DJs now. I despise DJs with a serious passion. On another note. I signed up for XM Radio in 2002 with a new car. About 10 years ago I canceled it. They bombarded me with mail to get me to resubscribe. I finally got an offer for $5 a month for a year. Took it. Now every year when they send me a letter that my year promo price is ending and the price increase is substantial, I call to cancel. Talk oh so sweet and they end up giving you the same promo. I’ve been doing it for many years now.

  27. This is incredible! I’m starting to crochet Barbie clothes and just started a piece with beads, so this is inspiring!!!

  28. My folks live on the reservoir. It’s great down there. The city of Jackson needs help but the suburbs like Flowood, Madison and Brandon are great fun! Especially if you like boating and fishing.

  29. Clinton is great. Small town feel with those other places only 15-30 minutes away.

  30. Everything is fried or Cajun, which I hate. But I’m here to stay now.

  31. Wish I’d built an in ground pool.

  32. Usually. Right now our heat index is reaching for 110 and the air quality is horrible. As an asthmatic I can’t even swim right now. It sucks to say it’s too hot to swim.

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