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  • By - TAZ68

  1. 2nd try: First of all, nice initiative admins, congrats! I'm looking for an invite if someone can send one this way, as since I've moved away it's been rather difficult to find an active local community, hoping campfire will help with that. And ofc, I'll help spreading the fire! Cheers!

  2. Hi, please invite me 🙂

  3. In Rottweiler, the killer dog is about to escape a cellar to wreak more carnage. Suddenly, there's a random zoom cut to a close up of a chicken cawing. It's so weird. Can't really do it justice in words. Link included for your viewing pleasure

  4. Total tech noob here, I would really appreciate some help because I can't work it out! 🙈 I would like an iPad for writing (Microsoft Word), digitally drawing and playing RuneScape. What is the oldest generation that would suit my needs? I don't have a lot of money to spend so looking for whatevers cheapest.

  5. I get the inability to move, but rarely any hallucinations with it. The paralysis is scary enough tbh as there have been a few times I've woken lying face down on the pillow and thought I would suffocate. I've had a couple of audio hallucinations about hearing people in my flat and thinking there was a break in, but no shadow people like I hear people talking about. I have found the best way to break the paralysis is what I think of as the "Kill Bill" technique - slowly wiggle your little toe, and as the feeling comes back, move up your body until you are free again.

  6. This really truly DOES bring me joy! Hell yes dad, that’s incredible and absolutely the kind of place I WISH I could get my hair done! “Mystical hair weaver, I want the big chop. MAKE IT SO, NUMBER ONE.”

  7. Yeah it was dope, I used to come to work with him and read his Trek comics 😂 I'll see if I can hunt down the newspaper clippings of it when I'm next at home if you'd be interested in seeing them, my dad would love that people are still into it 😊

  8. Oh, yes, please share! Did he ever cosplay as a Bolian? (The barber on TNG was Bolian, and I think at least one other, too.)

  9. No I don't think so, but that's a dope idea! He just used to wear the yellow captains shirt from the original series 🖖

  10. Increased risk of HPV. Condoms can't fully protect against it, and most people have some form of it without knowing as they don't have symptoms. Its so widespread and difficult to protect from that it's not really spoken about as doctors view it as an inevitable, and will only discuss it if you get symptoms. If you do get symptoms, they're either cancerous, pre-cancerous, or genital warts. The best way to reduce your risk is to reduce your number of sexual partners, which for most people, is pretty much the same as less casual sex.

  11. There were rumours that the year 4 girls toilets were haunted and year 6 boys toilets were haunted

  12. That sounds cool, would have loved me some haunted woods to lark in.

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