Matt Barnes: "I spoke on Ime Udoka's defense and after finding out the facts I erased what I posted because this situation in Boston is deep, messy and 100 times uglier than any of us thought. Some things happened I can't condone. It's not my place to tell you what happened."

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  1. Think of all the Rick’s that have died, they probably are orphans at this point.

  2. I think we can outscore Ole Miss. They have turned into a run first offense. 42-31 UK wins

  3. Idk I feel like this post deserves a “ You don’t get the show” of course they interrupted Ron lol

  4. My comment was going to be very different when I thought this tweet was just from some random fan. Glad I realized it came from Shady McCoy lol

  5. I see a nice win streak coming after the loss to Green Bay lol

  6. The lions are better than recent memories of lions teams. The browns have a killer running game and decent defense. Those could very well be two losses, especially without Mac.

  7. Do you own a dishwasher? You still have to rinse the dishes off really well.

  8. Shams was used a pawn to get the word “consensual” out there early. But Amin won’t knowledge that lol

  9. I think he was heavily influenced by the fact young kids fail at high rate in baseball and completely failed to realize they don’t in basketball.

  10. Tbf Netflix released the new season of Stranger Things before all these shows came out. Or else they wouldn’t be left out lol

  11. Because it’s just a body but what counts is the spirit of who is carrying the body

  12. We only posting phone lock screens with the players in front of the time

  13. Nice! I thought Kentucky Branded might have something as they're a pretty cool local shop there, too, but they don't seem to offer too many game-specific things like this. Thanks for the link!

  14. ShopLocalKY recently signed an NIL deal with Will Levis. Also they have a history of making shirts for whatever is trending in KY at the moment. They made “We’re a VolleyBall School” shirts right after the National Championship for example.

  15. Idk didn't see the Ravens Dolphins game but Tua was so bad against us and Trubisky was too. I'm still not expecting much when we play a good offense. We won't be catastrophically bad but a good QB will hit all the openings Tua and Trubisky didn't.

  16. Also Tua threw for 6TD’s today Hill had 190 yards receiving while Waddle had 170 yards

  17. Mitchell sucks so matter what defense he plays against. But I think it was our pass rush that bothered Tua, he always been an accurate passer.

  18. Bit of controversy there, actually. When reading the lines Whitty intimated that Air Force was the only armed services team playing this week when indeed Army did play, and win, against Villanova yesterday

  19. Also I feel like he should of been able to pick a team that had a bye week, when picking NFL teams if they get a bye week team they don’t have to pick again.

  20. You can wear it in public without people complaining because the mermaid isn’t black……. /s

  21. Obviously meant on air, thought that was implied

  22. The unlimited vacation part is what my comment was directed towards. You don’t know if they are on vacation or working.

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