1. Can't say much for the MAGAts intellect, but at least they want to change it from conventional thinking with revolution.

  2. They are the conventional thinking, and they refuse to recognize it. They are the status quo. They are exploitation and violence and fear and consumption.

  3. It was never meant to amount to anything. People are talking about it. Theater. Faces and heels. To keep us from doing anything.

  4. You seem very sure about this so I guess you must be right. For my benefit, would you mind sharing, with links, where exactly in the Republican platform they call for the following major tenets of nazism?

  5. Those who remember the past are also doomed to repeat it because of the Stupids and evils.

  6. Who are all these vets just scooping out eyes? Never seen so many eyeless animals asi have in the master few weeks.

  7. Commit time theft be ause it will never equal the wage theft they commit against you.

  8. They don't have to take away the right to vote. Fascists get their agenda through either party. Illusion of choice.

  9. We haven't had democracy for at least forty years. Probably longer, if ever.

  10. Would be a real shame if the rich ended up eating each other and leaving us alone. A real shame.

  11. He broke both the law and terms of service with nearly every tweet. Eat them. All of them.

  12. He doesn't need advertisers. It was never solvent or profitable. He just wants to control information.

  13. I mean, alt-right women that support an ideology that would make women 2nd class citizens and brood mares aren't very smart in the first place. They really are just stupid and deluded.

  14. We are damned to repeat it regardless, because conservatives are idiots who are immune to learning.

  15. It's worse. Inequality has only grown. People are blind to the real, desperate poverty they are in and surrounded by.

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