1. Bro your KD is 2.0 wtf are you talking about? You sound like an idiot complaining about this. The guys who are around 1.0 KD are getting in the same lobbies… they should be complaining not you.

  2. Attempting 15mbps for me regardless of res doesnt ever give a source option to watch, and forces a 720p transcode, the vod will remain in 15mbps tho.

  3. ye some times it gave me an option to watch the stream with no problem other times what you are saying, wish twitch moved on already its 2022 and YT allowing 50k bit rate from like 2010

  4. Interesting - what are your other specs?

  5. Yeah when I turn it on or off it doesn’t actually really seem to make a huge difference at all

  6. controller can snap when it detects the player hitbox bubble i have a video for proof

  7. The more I play Caldera, the more I realise that `Raven wanted snipers to be a lot less dominant. The fog, the bushes and the broken sightlines because of the hills: if you want to snipe in Caldera, you have to expose yourself at the top of the map, where you can easily be snuck up on. And because so many of us used the Kar and the Swiss (a sniper with insane ADS and BV) using the new ones was jarring at first. Losing to a sniper within 100 meters when you rock an AR or LMG is now your own mistake: you didn't keep him suppressed enough and refused to close the distance.

  8. It’s just green and yellow everywhere lol

  9. even the vg guns reticles are all yellow... cant see shit with this reticles its yellow against yellow

  10. Rebirth is all I play and I have never had below a .9 lobby, I will say his lobbies aren't nearly as bad as most streamers

  11. very rare to find such lobbies i can maybe find one in the morning but thats it

  12. Y’all still hurt over the Roze skin? Let it go y’all, love this sub lol.

  13. i hurt over people 4man stacking in rebirth island holding each others pepes

  14. I watched this live, one teammate had 3& the other had like 4-5maybe. But to the guy above me saying VPN. He later went to show his task manager and geo location. If youre trying to hacker hunt, a former cod pro probably isn't the guy. Let alone the guy wins every custom lobby tournament there is.

  15. Hot take - TTK for AR’s is the most overrated and unimportant stat yet people slobber all over for it.

  16. agree to disagree a controller wont hit every shot on high range but keyboard and mouse player will

  17. I dust and smoke on keyboard player packs for a living and I can guarantee you they don’t all hit their shots.

  18. when you beam a player that doesnt even render on 400m talk to me will ya

  19. and it still runs today on pc at X 3 higher frames... im getting 300fps+ in bf3 while only 100 in bf2042

  20. How do i get in to these lobbies ? Vpn? Being whitelisted ? I swear to god my enemies are literally gods

  21. And theyr dropping mostly low kills, thats hilarious to me

  22. thats the sad part... i would win every single lobby with this low avg kd

  23. yeah but when i post a cod tracker of joewoe it instantly getting removed

  24. Wait a second. Why are the lobby K/Ds in the second picture so high?

  25. It reloaded after you stopped trying to sprint during the road animation though? The arm is still throwing away the magazine every time you tried to sprint

  26. yeah 2 seconds after the animation is finished... so delayed and thats the fast mag...

  27. Didn’t this happen with the Mac-10 and FFAR (especially when putting Stopping Power into them)? :joy:

  28. Only when you had specialist on, specialist slight of hand fked the reload on cw guns it was negative lol

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